Check Out These New Sites that Launched in January!

by Molly Clubb | Mar 22, 2017
Below you will find a list of Hired Hand websites that went live during January of 2017. ​We've included a little background information to help you get to know your fellow breeders whether they are new to the Industry or seasoned ranchers.  We encourage everyone to check out the links to view their new Hired Hand powered websites and their growing herds. Be sure to shoot them an email and welcome them to our Industries as well!


Rafter B
Judy Farnsworth -

Rafter B.png

Located in Taylor, Utah, Boyd and Judy Durrell started their herd by purchasing their first longhorns from an ad in the paper to serve as pasture ornaments. They have grown their herd throughout the years.

Rafter B Animal Page.png

J Bar J
Rusty and JoAnne Clark

J Bar J.png

Rusty started seeking another passion soon after he retired from 25 years in the marine business. He cautiously purchased his first steer named Buddy and over the years has grown his herd which is now very carefully and precisely managed.

J Bar J Animal Page.png

Chisholm Range Land and Livestock
Gary Becker
Chisholm Range.png

Dr. Becker  began his longhorn experience with 2 steers in 1983. He joined TLBAA that year and soon purchased 2 bred WR branded cows. His never numbered more than 15-20 cows because I didn’t have the time needed to grow it while raising 3 kids and practicing orthopedics. Now retired and kids grown, he now has plans to continuing growing his herd. Expect to hear a lot from Chisholm Range Longhorns in the next couple of years!

Chisolm Animal Page.png

Sweeter Ranch
Arlin Stoll
Sweeter Ranch.png

After selling their dairy cows in 2013, the Stolls began their longhorn herd. They still wanted to have some sort of animal on the farm and alway had a love for the wild west. They will be focusing on breeding complete package animals in 2017.

Sweeter Ranch Animal.png

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