Take Time to Visit These Tourist Attractions Near Sales in 2017

by Molly Clubb | Jan 27, 2017
We attend our share of sales and events each year, and most of those have become annual trips for us. We do our best to make the most out of our travels by tying in some sightseeing and great food as often as possible. This list has a few of our favorite stops we have made around the country. As you plan your sale weekends for 2017, be sure to keep these great places in mind!

1. Sales near the Fort Worth Stockyards (TLBAA Eddie Woods Cowtown Classic, Hudson Valentine, Autobahn, etc.)
There is so much to do in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards. For Texans it may not see as exciting as it does for two girls from Iowa. Jaymie & I love seeing the scheduled drives of the Longhorn Steers down the paved brick streets, the stars on the sidewalk of the iconic cowboys and cowgirls of the past and the general ambiance the Stockyards has to offer. Our favorite place to go while visiting is the White Elephant Saloon. The ceiling is lined by cowboy hats from bull riders to ropers to average Joe's. Notes are written on the wood beams. And the local bands and music that get people to fill up the small wooden deck dance floor are the best. It's on our list every time we're close.

The 2013 TLBAA Horn Showcase
The 2013 TLBAA Horn Showcase with Sherrill Caddel, Rockin' H Longhorns; Dale Hunt, Rockin' H Longhorns; Alessa O’Bryan, Champion Longhorns; Debbie Witham, Scotty O’Bryan, Champion Longhorns; and Kyle Mayden.

White Elephant Saloon
Photo from the White Elephant Saloon website.
Also near the Stockyards is Randy Adams Tattoo Studio where our customer Andy Martinez puts his amazing artwork on customers daily, or nightly, rather. If you're in Fort Worth and you're in the market for a new tattoo then visiting Andy and Big Mom is a must. Just be sure you go before you visit the White Elephant :) Andy also has a Hired Hand powered website for his Longhorn herd:

Jaymie and Molly with Stacey and Andy Martinez 
Jaymie and Molly with Stacey and Andy Martinez of MMR Longhorns at their tattoo shop.

We are willing to try just about anything on our trips, whether that be food, an activity or staying someplace new. It makes things that much more fun. Some are decisions have definitely been better than others...

Cattleman's Steakhouse
Jaymie trying "calf fries" for the first time at Cattleman's Steakhouse in Fort Worth. Also pictured is Sandy Martin, Running Arrow Longhorns. 
In order to get anywhere in Texas we have to make a connecting flight at DFW airport. Sometimes we make them and sometimes we don't. One year, after missing a connection and having to drive from Forth Worth to Llano, we found Dinosaur Valley State Park which is right outside of Fort Worth. From dinosaur statues to actual fossilized footprints and more, this park was neat for all ages to tour. We definitely recommend it. 

Glen Rose Dinosaur Park
We've also been the opposite direction of the Stockyards heading "Downtown" Fort Worth where there's a lot of new business growth featuring coffee shops and restaurants. Danny & Carole Phillips introduced us to ​Perry's and Eddie V's we're not sure if we've had that good (or that much) food since! They also took us to Tillman's Roadhouse, a restaurant with a focus on going local with their food and their decor.

Jaymie and Molly with Danny and Carole Phillips of Diamond P Longhorn Ranch
Jaymie and Molly with Danny and Carole Phillips of Diamond P Longhorn Ranch. We recommend the Lobster Bisque soup at Eddie V's! 

Tillman's Roadhouse
Molly and daughter Calia with Danny and Carole Phillips of Diamond P Longhorn Ranch at Tillman's Roadhouse. 

And don't forget about visiting Cabell'as while you're at the Embassy Suites for the Texas Longhorn Legacy Sale, also held near Dallas (Grapevine) annually.  
2. TLBGCA Cattle Baron's Sale, Navasota, Texas
The Donut Place located at 110 Austiana Hills Drive in Navasota is a must for breakfast. Their warm donut balls are the best. Their menu also features other donuts and Kolache's. While their coffee is just ok, the warm donuts make it worth the trip.

Molly and Jaymie at the Donut Palace
Molly and Jaymie at the Donut Palace before a day of working internet bidding for the Cattle Baron’s Sale.
3. Hudson Valentine Sale, Bowling Green, KY
While we're sure there's much more to do while in Bowling Green, one of the most memorable visits we've had while there is to the Corvette Museum. Complete with a sink hole the collection of cars is pretty neat. 

Corvette Museum
Photo from:
Bowling Green is just a short 1 hour drive to Nashville so we made our trip a long weekend to take full advantage of the location. The atmosphere downtown was fun and we couldn't leave without a stop at one of Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville locations!


4. Texas Hill Country Sales (Blue Ridge Ranch Sale & Social, Llano; Hill Country Heritage Sale, Fredericksburg; Red McCombs Sale, Johnson City)

Jammie and Molly with Suzanne Brett
Jaymie and Molly with Suzanne Brett, Brett Ranch meeting Blue Ridge Ranch’s resident buffalo named Sue. 

Jaymie and Molly with a few of the Blue Ridge Ranch lemurs.
Jaymie and Molly with a few of the Blue Ridge Ranch lemurs.

One of our all time favorite places to eat is also located in the Texas Hill Country. August E's in Fredericksburg has THE best crab cakes and grilled asparagus. While you're there you must also order a Mexican Martini. 
Jaymie and Molly with Bow Carpenter
Jaymie and Molly with Bow Carpenter of BC Cattle at August E's following a Hill Co. sale. 
The Texas Hill Country seems to house many of our all-time favorite places we've visited in Texas. While it's no longer open (so we hear) there was once an old dance hall near Fredericksburg that had its dance floor built around a huge old oak tree. While we've only ever been there once, it left a memorable impression. Seeing everyone dance to old-time country under the stars and twinkling Christmas lights was really something to soak up. 

Hill Country Heritage Sale
Jaymie and Molly at the Hill Country Heritage Sale.
If you're near Marble Falls then you have to go to Blue Bonnet Cafe. Their food is great but their pies are to die for! We recommend their Meringue pies and breakfast served all day. They even have a pie happy hour!

Blue Bonnet Cafe
5. TLMA Cherry Blossom Sale, Warrenton/Culpepper, Virginia
While we're sure there's probably some pretty neat local places we enjoy venturing over to Washington DC while in the area. We also have enjoyed driving the country side farther North and have toured Gettysburg. We hope to have more time in the future to visit this historic part of the country and leave you some additional tips on where to visit! 

Jaymie, Molly and Ann Gravett
Jaymie, Molly and Ann Gravett, G and G Longhorn, at the Cherry Blossom Sale.

Jaymie and Molly at Molly’s Irish Pub
Jaymie and Molly had to make a stop for Molly’s Irish Pub ​near Warrenton, VA!

6. Millennium Futurity (formerly held in Glen Rose, Texas)
If you're ever near Glen Rose you have to make time to visit Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. Folks suggested it to us year and year and when we finally made time we had such a blast! From giraffe's to zebras, ostriches to exotics, it was something to see. We truly enjoyed our drive through and highly recommend it!
7. Fey Longhorn Ranch Sale, Yamhill, Oregon
All of Oregon is a site to be seen. In 2014 Jaymie and I drove from one end of the state (Alex Dees) to the Coast on the historic Hwy 20 which took us through several different mountain ranges and sites to be seen. Yamhill, which is in "wine country" boasts amazing views from all directions featuring rolling hills. Our absolute favorite spot we've visited while in Oregon was located in New Port. Anchor Pier Lodge is a little 6 room hotel. They supply ear plugs and sound machines to wash out the noise of the sea lions lounging outside of your hotel window. Many of the rooms are themed and all have balconies. While in town we had some of the best crab cakes and crab legs we've ever tasted! We highly recommend an overnight in this cute little town. 

1) Jaymie and Molly in Vale, Oregon - a stop along the Historic Oregon Trail.
 2) Jaymie, Alex Dees and Molly at the CR Longhorns Ranch.
3) Jaymie and Molly at a Hazlenut Orchard in Oregon during the Fey Longhorn Sale weekend.

8. Rocky Mountain Select Sale, Colorado Springs, Colorado
The Rocky Mountain Select Sale happens each year in conjunction with the Rocky Mountain Winchester Futurity. In between the Futurity and Sale, there is lots to see in the Colorado Springs area. The city is full of great restaurants and other attractions, and the surrounding mountains have plenty of trails to hike. We visited Pikes Peak during one of our annual trips to the area. It was a climb (in a vehicle or train), but the views were worth every step!

Pikes Peak

10. Sales near Ardmore, OK (Red River Sale, 2017 Millennium Futurity)
Ardmore is home to the WinStar Casino and Cloverleaf, a shop filled with funky and fun items of all sorts! We visit both of these stops when we are in town for the Red River Sale. This year the Millennium Futurity will also take place in Ardmore, so make your plans to check these two places out.

WinStar Casino
Photo from

A little of the flair we found at Cloverleaf! Their decor started well outside the store entrance.

We have a lot of fun each time we travel to a sale or other industry event. We are able to see our customers, continue our involvement with the community and see things we otherwise would not. 

If you have questions about what to do during your free time at a sale, don't hesitate to ask! We have many other suggestions we would love to share with you. And, we'd love to hear your suggestions as well. What sites do we need to make time to see on our 2017 travels? Comment below! 

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