Eddie Wood Cowtown Classic Trends & Averages

by Molly Clubb | Jan 17, 2017
This year Hired Hand is adding a feature to our Mobile Marketing and Hired Hand Live Sales Results. We will be sharing stats from consignment sales that we hope will be beneficial to breeders and show Industry sales trends. 
Please find below some additional Eddie Wood Cowtown Classic Sale results courtesy of your friends at Hired Hand*:
4 Cash Cows sold (over $10,000). 1 over 80" TTT. All sold bred, 1 was AI Confirmed. Cash Cow Average: $19,250. Total Cash Cow sales: $77,000
High seller was Lot #63 at $38,000. Only 1 other cow matched her criteria (bred, 80+" TTT, DOB w/in 1 year): Lot #34 at $6,800. 
- AI bred females: $7,907.14
- Natural Service females: $3,348.28
- ET females: $4,050
- 3-in-1 packages: $3,280
- Heifer Calf at Side, Not Bred Back: $3,025
- 70-79" TTT (DOB's '12): $7,450
- 80-89" TTT (DOB's 08-09): $22,250
- Over 10 years old: $2,330
- 6-9 years old: $4,497.83
- 3-5 years old: $3,598.84
- Live at Auction: $3,916.15
- Hired Hand Live Internet: $3,060
* Please note that this data is based off what was printed in the sale catalog and announced in the ring. It is not official data endorsed by the sale.
For more information on adding Hired Hand Live internet services to your next sale please contact Molly at 319-269-8903 or visit

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  1. Craig Perez | Jan 17, 2017
    Great statistics! Great service!

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