2016 Hired Hand Live Year in Review

by Laura Huff | Dec 27, 2016
2016 was a successful year for the role of the internet and on-line bidding in Longhorn Consignment Sales.
We hear from Hired Hand Live users all of the time how grateful they are for the service. We've received photos of bidders and buyers using Hired Hand Live at the mall, on date nights, from a cruise ship, at their sons or daughters soccer games and sporting events, while hunting and more. Their testimonials don't just speak for themselves - the numbers below go a long ways to support its popularity as well! 

HHL Year In Review
Total Lots Sold Online via Hired Hand Live in 2016: 189
Total $ Exchanged Online via Hired Hand Live in 2016: $563,800

Total # of Internet bids accepted by auctioneer in 2016: 1,970
2016 Average of Hired Hand Live per head: $2,983.07
2016 Average of Hired Hand Live bids per sale: 116

Top 5 sales ranked in # of lots sold on-line:
15.......TLBAA Horn Showcase
Top 5 sales ranked in order of $ sold on-line
$62,650.....Fey Ranch Sale
Top 5 sales by number of Registered Bidders:
64......TLBAA Horn Showcase 
53......Western Breeders Select Sale
Top 5 sales ranked in order of # of total internet bids:
194......TLBAA Horn Showcase 
172......Fey Ranch Sale 
Top 5 sales ranked in order of % of winning bids on-line:
TIE between the Arrowhead Sales & 3G Herd Reduction Sale which were all 3 internet only sales with 100% of the winning bids being on-line
28.9%......Fey Ranch Sale
For information on the sales using Hired Hand Live in 2017 please click here. For information on how to add Hired Hand Live's services to your sale or ranch please contact Molly today.
There is NO buyer's premium or cost to users for Hired Hand Live. There is NO sales commission charged to sale hosts. 

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  1. Lorinda Valentine | Dec 27, 2016

    This was extremely interesting and educational.

    Thank you for sharing, it gives us a great insight into the internet bidding.

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