Christmas Wish Lists

by Laura Huff | Dec 21, 2016

We asked, ​"What's on your ranch Christmas list?" and received some great answers! Browse the wish lists by our sections of technology, transportation, animals, ​weather, land & maintenance and miscellaneous.

Drone from DJI - Dawn Divinia, Diamond D Ranch

Camera - Janet Gleason, Big Valley Longhorns

"To learn how to better manage our Hired Hand website! And make it more interesting and fun for visitors! And, mabye a couple of 80” cows…." - Lynn Tru​xillo, Whispering Oaks Ranch

"Hired Hand website paid for a year. If we are dreaming big then Hired Hand for a year and Joe’s new chute.​" - Lynette Haltom, Haltom Hollar Longhorns (​website coming soon)

Hired Hand website - Jason Preissler

Website - Cody James

​Crew ​Cab Diesel - Joshua Shaw, HNB Longhorns

John Deer Z997R - Darin Divinia, Diamond D Ranch

"Kubota Skid Steer and every attachment they make!....For David Mills a pedicure, socks and shoes!" - Brian Brett, Brett Ranch

David Mills quote
Helicopter - David Mills, Legend Valley Ranch

Mike Beijl quote
 Plane - Hjalmar Mike Beijl, MB Longhorns

One ​Ton Dually - Dora Thompson​

Tractor, mower and squeeze chute - Fm Campbell

80” cow - Matt Durkin, Texas Perfection Land ​& Texas Longhorn Cattle Company

Joe Sedlacek quote
"A 121” horned trophy steer! (PS missing Bluegrass)." - Joe Sedlacek, Lazy J Longhorns

Successful year selling heifers - Tammy and Nelson Hearn, Nel-Tam Longhorns

"Many more Futurity wins in 2017 with animals we bred. 2016 has been great, but we can do better." - Jeremy Johnson, Dos Ninos Ranch

Bigger Steer than Joe Sedlacek has! - Jason Bowman
Spring and Summer ​rains​, mild summer - Jeff Jefferies, Jeffries Longhorns

"A ranch in the south cuz this cold and snow stinks." - Missy Hicks, Hicks Texas Longhorns

"A very white Christmas so we have water in the summer!" - Alexandra Dees, CR Longhorns

Gary Rossow quotes
"I’m with Alex Dees, a white Christmas probably won’t happen since it was 80 degrees today in Texas. Getting out website up and running will be a huge accomplishment for me." - Gary Rossow, Grow 'Em Long Ranch (website coming soon)

Land and Maintenance
Brett Krause quote
"I’ve heard it from a good source (Me and the Big Guy are tight) that the Circle K is getting new working pens!" - Brett Krause, Circle K Ranch

"New pipe pens and 50 acres of wheat land." - John Clark, Buffalo Gap ​Longhorns
200 acres of pasture - Kathy Lewis

Land clearing and fencing - Jae Sen

"I would wish that all our Deployed Troops have a peaceful Christmas season. This can be a particularly difficult time for America’s Heroes. Please keep the Men and Women of our Military in your thoughts during this holiday season!" - Kim Nikodym, Commanders Place Longhorns

"A HH jacket is all I have ever wanted." - Shawn Pequignot, Crazy Cattle Co.

Scotty O'Bryan quote
"World peace...And David Mills’ Backyard renovation show on HGTV." - Scotty O’Bryan, Champion Longhorns

"Hired Hands" for a year - Steve Azinger, Lazy A Ranch

​Chutes from Joe​ Sedlacek - Mark Duzan

Vetgun - Kasi Dick

Thank you to everyone who submitted answers, we had fun looking through them! Find more of our Q&A by following us on Facebook.

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