Quoting The Greats

by Laura Huff | Dec 09, 2016
There is always something to learn from industry greats. Here are a few of our favorite quotes at the moment, and how we relate them to Hired Hand's many roles.
Henry Ford Quote
We train and equip our customers to update websites on their own time, with their own information. Every time one customer makes an animal update it's shown not only across their entire site but also across all Hired Hand websites.
Sam Walton Quote
Similar to the first quote, We count on our customers to help make Hired Hand work to its full potential. Our "secret" is each customer.

Michael Dell Quote
Molly and Jaymie make an effort to attend many Longhorn and Whitetail events (with the help of Brittney of course). Seeing our customers regularly keeps us caught up with their ranch​ happenings and allows us to serve them better.

Jim Henson Quote
Our websites are simple to update and maintain because we know our customers are "hands on" people!
Paul Rand Quote
An ad, a logo, a Facebook Page represent a ranch even when the owner isn't present. Investing in good design ensures a ranch looks its best wherever it is discovered by a new potential customer.

Saul Bass Quote
Again, good design is worth the investment. Logos carry a special importance in branding a ranch or business because they can be used almost anywhere. A logo should be recognizable and representative of a ranch as a whole.

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