Western Breeders Select Sale 2016

by Molly Clubb | Sep 20, 2016

Molly and Brittney attended the Western Breeders Select Sale September 16th and 17th, hosted by Bob & Carmen Larson, RC Longhorns. Guests stayed at the Avi Casino & Resort in Laughlin, NV while the sale was held just across the Colorado River in Fort Mojave, AZ at the Mohave Crossing Center.

Hired Hand had a booth to assist customers and new breeders with questions about their websites and internet marketing. They also provided the internet broadcasting and bidding for the 58 Lot sale.

Thank you to the Larson's and all of the sale sponsors for ensuring everyone had a wonderful time.

Group at Western Breeders Select Sale
Western Breeders Select Sale Auctioneer Joel Lemley, Hired Hands' Molly Clubb, Avi Resort Center Event Planner Debbie Moon, Sale Host Robert Larson, Hired Hands' Brittney Klein and Pedigree Reader, Dale Hunt.

Mike and Kat Lucas
Hired Hand customers Mike & Kattrina Lucas, Lucas Ranch.

Carmen & Robert Larson
Western Breeders Select Sale hosts Carmen & Robert Larson.

Picker Family
Hired Hand customers repping their A&S Land and Cattle gear - the Picker Family.

Cathy Dorothy & Debbie Bowman
Cathy Dorothy with Hired Hand customer Debbie Bowman, End of Trail Ranch. Watch for information on Debbie's herd reduction sale coming up November 4-5.

Dr. Bill & Suzanne Torkildsen
Hired Hand customers Dr. Bill & Suzanne Torkildsen, Bull Creek Longhorns.

Lynn Struthoff & Josie Becker
Hired Hand customers Lynn Struthoff and Josie Becker, Struthoff Ranch.

Hired Hand Live Statistics

The Western Breeders Select Sale utilized our Hired Hand Live internet bidding services for their 2016 sale. Below is a recap of key statistics.

Western Breeders Select Sale Graphic
  • 12 lots sold online via Hired Hand Live (24%).
  • $28,200 sold online.
  • 21.4% of all bids came from the internet.
  • 57.4% of lots were upbid by the internet.
  • There were 51 registered bidders.
Lot 6, $2,400, sold to Marlene Howard
Lot 9, $1,900, Linn & Jenn Torgelson, Lodge Creek Longhorns
Lot 10, $2,500, Molly St. Hilaire, St. Hilaire Longhorns
Lot 13, $3,300, Dale Morwood
Lot 14, $1,750, Marlene Howard
Lot 16, $3,300, Gary & Pam Lidell, G&P Longhorn Ranch
Lot 18, $4,500, Orlan Dvergsten
Lot 20, $1,750, Marlene Howard
Lot 30, $3,100, Gary & Pam Lidell, G&P Longhorn Ranch
Lot 37, $1,000, Craig & Kelly Perez, Arrowhead Cattle Company
Lot 43, $1,500, Bobby Gueterez, La Pistola Ranch
Lot 55, $1,200, Ken Webb

Hired Hand Live is FREE to viewers, bidders and buyers. If your sale would like to learn more about the costs and benefits of adding Hired Hand Live services to its line up please contact Molly today at 319-269-8903.

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