Enhance Your Visual Appeal with these Apps

by Laura Huff | Aug 26, 2016
There are plenty of apps out there for enhancing the images shared on Instagram, Facebook and other social media. Here are a few of the apps we have put to use at Hired Hand! We have provided a little information on how each one works along with an idea for using it to post about your own animals. Many of our examples are videos, so be sure to click on each of the images to see them in motion!

Ripl Example
Ripl allows you to animal still photos with text and simple graphics. First, choose a layout from the provided templates. Next, change up the font to find a combination you like. Easily change the colors of the template, then select which social media outlets to share it on. This app is great for sale season because it is more interesting to look at than a plain photo and the different content is separated by the font choices. Lot number, consignment name and a few comments can all be displayed using Ripl.

Flipagram example

Flipagram forms slideshows out of multiple images. Once in the app, select the photos to include and then edit speed of the slides. In this example we used it to show the ads we designed for a sale catalog, instead of posting a group of photos in a row. Flipagram would be great for anytime you have updated a bunch of your animals' photos on your website. Let everyone know with a slideshow of all of the new images.

Hyperlapse example
Hyperlapse is a video app. It smooths video footage from bumps or bouncing that may occur when recording on a phone. ​Once the video footage is taken, Hyperlapse has the ability to speed up the view to make is easy to share longer experiences on Instagram. We would love to see more videos of the daily routines around your ranches and Hyperlapse is a great option to do so!

Repost example
Repost is frequently used by Hired Hand to share photos customers have posted from their own accounts. This app copies the photo you want to "repost"  along with the caption. The name of the original account is kept a corner of the image, and once back in Instagram the post's caption can be pasted or a new caption can be added. Repost is a great option for right after sale time. If you bought an animal, you could repost a photo from the seller as a thank you. In reverse, if you are a seller, repost an image of your consignment in his/her new home.

Layout example
Layout, like Flipagram, is another way to share multiple photos instead of posting image after image. In Layout, photos are selected or taken and then a template can be chosen based on the number of images that will be included. After the template has been picked, borders can be added if desired. We like this app for sharing closely related images, like this post of all the new customers we talked with during a sale. Try it for yourself by posting new arrival to your ranch with images of the sire and dam.

There are countless other apps now available to enhance photos and video with text, graphics, motion, color and more. We encourage you to find what works best for your ranch. If you have any questions about using social media to show off your Longhorns or Whitetails, contact us. We offer helpful tips, we can set up accounts, or fully manage things for you so your time can be spent on other aspects of your ranch.

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