Rocky Mountain Select Sale and Rocky Mountain Winchester Futurity 2016

by Laura Huff | Aug 11, 2016

On August 5th and 6th, Molly & Jaymie attended the 2016 Rocky Mountain Winchester Futurity and Rocky Mountain Select Texas Longhorn Sale in Colorado Springs, CO. On Friday, breeders showed off their best in the Futurity Competition. A dinner and social was held that evening as well. Then on Saturday, over 80 head of Longhorns were consigned and sold.

Molly & Jaymie provided Hired Hand Live Internet bidding during the sale and also texted out prices through Hired Hand's Mobile Marketing service. Below you can read a few of the key stats from Sale Day.

Molly and Jaymie with Gary Lake and Stan Searle
Thank you to the Rocky Mountain Select Texas Longhorn Sale hosts Stan Searle and Gary Lake of Silverado Ranch.

Justin & Kelli Matott
​Another thank you must go out to the Futurity hosts, Justin Matott & Kelli Matott, Rocky Mountain Longhorns.

Jim O'Connor
Our newest customer Mr. Jim O'Connor, Hope Creek Cattle. Thank you for choosing Hired Hand Jim - we look forward to working with you!

Group of Longhorn breeders
New Hired Hand website customers Tytan Pace, Matt & Steve Gaskill and Scott W. Pace of Pace Cattle Company and the Pace/Gaskill Partnership. Pictured with Ron & Jo Jones and customer Clay Gines, SC Longhorns. Clay was also a judge for this years Futurity.

Hired Hand will be at the TDA Superior Genetics Auction & Select Sale August 12th-13th, the DBC Annual Convention August 26th-27th and the Hill Country Heritage Sale September 9th-10th.

Hired Hand Live Statistics

The​ Rocky Mountain Select sale utilized our Hired Hand Live internet bidding services for their 2016 sale. Below is a recap of key statistics.

Rocky Mountain Select Sale statistics

  • Hired Hand Live sold 25 lots totaling $65,350 ($2,614 online average).
  • Over 30% of the lots were up-bid by the internet adding an additional value of over $85,000!
  • Approx. 50 people were bidding or viewing the sale online.
  • Online bidders participated from all corners of the United States, including Texas, Oregon, Oklahoma, Colorado, Wisconsin, Utah, South Dakota, Pennsylvania, California, Ohio, Montana, Kentucky and Idaho.
  • 25 of the 91 (27.5%) winning bids came from Hired Hand Live.
​Lots sold online with sale prices and consignors: Lot 3, $3100, Struthoff Ranch
Lot 6, $2000, 7-11 Ranch
Lot 8, $2500, JP Ranch
Lot 10, $1500, KC3 Longhorns
Lot 17, $2000, Cloverbloom Ranch
Lot 23, $2000, River Ranch Longhorns
Lot 28, $3000, Young Ranch
Lot 31, $1400, Huskerland Longhorns
Lot 37, $1500, Big Valley Longhorns
Lot 41a, $1400, Commanders Place Longhorns
Lot 41c, $1400, Commanders Place Longhorns
Lot 44, $9000, Mike and Linda Metcalfe
Lot 46c, $1500, 7-11 Ranch
Lot 49, $1250, Wannabe Ranch
Lot 53, $1400, RJK Longhorns
Lot 61, $3250, Mike and Linda Metcalfe
Lot 63, $1400, Touchdown Ranch
Lot 67, $4500, Young Ranch
Lot 69, $1600, Touchdown Ranch
Lot 71, $6000, CR Longhorns
Lot 73, $4250, 7-11 Ranch
Lot 75, $4500, Helm Cattle Company
Lot 79, $1500, Big Stone Longhorns
Lot 87, $1600, Big Valley Longhorns
Lot 88, $1800, Mike and Linda Metcalfe

Hired Hand Live is FREE to viewers, bidders and buyers. If your sale would like to learn more about the costs and benefits of adding Hired Hand Live services to its line up please contact Molly today at 319-269-8903.

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