Pickup Truck Confessions with Talley Longhorns and Nel-Tam Longhorns

by Laura Huff | Aug 10, 2016
Pickup Truck Confessions

We have introduced two more Pickup Truck Confessions! This video series is taking a more personal look into our customers' Longhorn and Whitetail programs. We ask questions and have a little fun along our drives; you won't want to miss it!

Talley Longhorns
In our Pickup Truck Confession with John and Christine Talley of Talley Longhorns, Christine admits that Longhorns are on her mind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ​Fortunately, her husband John doesn't mind a bit! They share about their start in the Longhorn industry and a few of animal names they are building their program with currently. 
See the full Confession video for ​all of the details!

Nel-Tam Longhorns
Nelson and Tammy Hearn, Nel-Tam Longhorns, like so many other Longhorn owners were hooked on the breed at first sight! This couple's passion for their animals influenced family members to start herds of their own, including a granddaughter who accompanies them to shows and other events. They are full of advice for new breeders and stress "quality over quantity", words of wisdom they first heard when beginning Nel-Tam Longhorns. 
Check out our interview with Nelson and Tammy for the full rundown on their Longhorn ranch!

If you'd like to be our next Pickup Truck Confession victim please find us at one of theses upcoming events and we'll be happy to take you for a drive!

August 12th-13th: TDA Superior Genetics Auction & Select Sale
August 26th-27th: DBC 9th Annual Convention
September 9th-10th: Hill Country Heritage Sale
September 17th: Western Breeders Select Sale

Contact Us for more details!

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