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by Laura Huff | Jul 14, 2016
Privacy is always a concern when it comes to the Internet. How much should you share or conceal? Some of you have created accounts specifically for your ranch, which solves a few problems, but those using their personal accounts have lots of decisions to make. Below we have created a list of a few things to consider when determining the level of security you place on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media profiles. These are all topics that could be seen as benefits or hinderances to your ranch, depending on your perspective.

Bahia Game Ranch Facebook page

Anyone can see you/your ranch's information
Pro: You are easier to contact, and potential customers like to find out where businesses are located.
Con: Listing an address always brings questions of safety. 

Your page or profile can be seen without adding you as a friend or following you (on Instagram anyone can follow you without your approval)
Pro: You are able to reach new audience members with your messages your posts can be easily found by those searching with hashtags or words you often use.
Con: You have no ​control over who is following you and receives updates of all of your posts.

Hudson Longhorns Instagram

You can be easily found
Pro: You are searchable for those looking up your name or ranch name to get in contact with you.
Con: You may be added by people or by spammers that you do not want to be associated with.

You or your ranch can be tagged in a photo by anyone
Pro: Others who may not be following you could stumble upon your page when looking at images from another breeder.
Con: You could be tagged in irrelevant or inappropriate images. 

Schumacher Cattle, LLC Facebook Page

Comments can be posted by anyone
Pro: More interaction will happen on your posts.
Con: Spam or other unwanted comments may show up regularly.

Private messages can be received from anyone
Pro: Potential new customers can get in touch with you in a convenient way, without having to track down your email or phone number.
Con: ​Inappropriate or irrelevant messages may be received and clutter your inbox.

Your content can be shared by anyone
Pro: Your brand is in front of new eyes and reaches a wider audience.
Con: The "sharer" may claim your content as their own.

As we mentioned in the opening of this post, this list is simply to assist you in making your own decisions regarding privacy on social media. When making adjustments to your settings, always consider your ranch's marketing plans as well as your own level of personal security.

Hired Hand can answer any questions you have regarding privacy on social media and even help you get an account created specifically for your ranch. Visit our website for more information on these services.

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