Tools Of Our Trade

by Laura Huff | Jun 24, 2016
We are constantly encouraging our customers to stay current with the ever-changing trends in technology. We probably have left more than one of you wondering how it would be possible to manage so many different areas of marketing! Today we are sharing a few of the tools we use to make things a little easier. All of these are accessible by mobile device or laptop and can be used for free. Tools with 'Tools Of Our Trade' at the bottom.


Hootsuite allow us to schedule future posts for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. We can even schedule the same message for all three accounts with one click. This save us a lot of time creating posts and keeps us on task when planning out our social media content.


Later is an app that schedules Instagram posts, very similar to Hootsuite without Facebook and Twitter. We use Later often when promoting our customers' sale consignments for upcoming events and when announcing newly designed websites.


Flipagram creates quick slideshows of photos of our choosing. We simply open the app, select the photos, choose the slideshow length and share. We like that it allows us to show many images at one time. Flipagram works best with Instagram, but we can also share our compilations on Facebook, Twitter, by text message or by copying and pasting a link!

Email Folders

Email Folders probably sounds a little silly, but setting up correct categories to store information, images and other communication can make life much simpler when we need to located specific messages at a later date. We have folders for all of our e-blast information, social media ideas for the future, ideas we have already used, great customers photos and more.


Wunderlist is an online list maker. As fans of the old-school paper and pencil made lists, Wunderlist is the perfect, modern way to keep all of our tasks in one spot. We can all see the same list of tasks, place in files and notes with each, and check them off as we complete them. It allows us to see what projects someone else has already completed and what still needs attention.


Dropbox is a must-have for transferring our large files from one person to another during the design stages. Dropbox can hold a lot more data than any email can handle and can be accessed right on your phone or computer's desktop.

Breeder Beacon

Breeder Beacon comes in handy when we are on the road. Before taking off, we can use the app to see which ranches will be along our way when traveling. That way, we are able to maximize our time by seeing as many of our customers as possible during each trip.

Facebook Scheduling

Facebook Scheduling is an option available when creating posts on a Facebook Page. Instead of clicking "publish", a dropdown allows us to schedule our content to display later. By scheduling posts, we are also able to add comments and links onto individual photos as well.

If you are struggling to stay on of all of the new social media apps, Hired Hand can help you get started by setting up accounts and training you to take over. We can also manage the accounts for you if you would rather spend your time on other aspects of ranch life. Just visit our website or contact us for more information!

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