Hired Hand Live Influence at the Millennium Futurity Sale

by Laura Huff | May 25, 2016
The Millennium Futurity Sale utilized our Hired Hand Live internet bidding services for their 2016 sale. Below is a recap of key statistics.

Hired Hand Live Statistics

  • 42 Lots sold. 10 lots sold via Hired Hand Live. 
  • 69.2% of lots up-bid by the Internet.Items Up-Bid By Internet
  • 124 bids via Hired Hand Live. 19.6% of internet bids were live (vs. max)
  • 25% of total sale bids came via Hired Hand Live.Graph of bidder locations
  • $31,450 (10 Lots) sold via Hired Hand Live to 5 buyers, 1 of them buying his first Longhorns at public auction.
The following Lots sold online:
Lot #15, Dr. Marco Benitez $1,500
Lot #16, Scott & Amelia Picker, A&S Longhorns, $2,500
Lot #22, Matt ​& Justin Reitenauer, $2,000
Lot #24, Dr. Marco Benitez, $5,750
Lot #36, Matt ​& Justin Reitenauer, $1,000
Lot #37, Dr. Marco Benitez, $1,600
Lot #41, (Originally PO'd but later sold online) Scott & Amelia Picker, A&S Longhorns, $4,000
Lot #43, Chris & Christina Clark, Circle Double C Ranch, $6,500
Lot #45, Debbie Bowman, End of Trail Ranch, $5,000
Lot #46, Debbie Bowman, End of Trail Ranch, $3,000

Top 10 Viewed Lots on Hired Hand Live
Top 10 Viewed Lots on Hired Hand Live 

Of the top 10 lots listed by popularity on-line prior to the sale the following same lots were actually in the Top 10 high sellers:
  • Lot #7, ranked 6th online prior to the sale, was the 10th high selling lot at $6,500.
  • Lot #9, ranked 10th overall online prior to the sale was the #1 high selling lot of the night at $19,500.
  • Lot #31, ranked 7th in online showings before the Friday night sale, was the #6 high seller coming in at $7,250. 
  • Lot #11, the #1 ranked lot via Hired Hand live views, was the 8th overall high seller at $11,000. 
This is the most lots ranked in both the internet views and high sellers or any sale to date.

Participants had a lot to say about this sale on Social Media! Thank you to everyone who provided us with feedback.

Quote from Joe Sedlacek

Quote from Chris and Christina Clark

Quote from Scott Picker

Quote from Tammy and Nelson Hearn

Hired Hand Live is FREE to viewers, bidders and buyers. If your sale would like to learn more about the costs and benefits of adding Hired Hand Live services to its line up please contact Molly today at 319-269-8903.

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  1. Kathy & Russell @ 1 Bar 7 Longhorns | Jul 08, 2016
    We have purchased several great animals through Hired Hand Live sales, Internet Only Sales and Special event sales.  The TEAM goes out of their way to provide great buyer / seller experiences.  We wouldn't have several of Our great foundation animals without the Hired Hand Gals ( even when a phone call or text is needed to fine tune a system ).  Hired Hand is Great !

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