The Ins and Outs of Snapchat

by Laura Huff | May 13, 2016

Snapchat is a form of social media for sharing photos and videos with others. Snapchat is different than Instagram and Facebook in that you cannot upload content into the app, you must instead take the photo or video using the app and then pass it along to your friends. One other specific thing that is different about Snapchat is that the person delivering the image or video chooses the amount of time it is displayed on the photo of the viewer, for up to 10 seconds. Then the image disappears. Below are a few samples of images Hired Hand has sent.

Snapchat Samples

If you send multiple images/videos close together, they will display one after another to those you send them to. You can also add the photos and videos to your “Story”. A Story can be viewed for 24 hours by those who have added you on Snapchat, and again you can share multiple photos/videos all in a row.

Now that you have the basics of the app, what can you do with it?
Snapchat For Your Ranch?

Why your ranch should be on Snapchat:

  1. For a more personal look at your program.
    Snapchat makes it easy to show quick glimpses of your day.
    Save your planned content for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to maintain a more professional appearance, then share your fun, unfortunate or more embarrassing moments on Snapchat where it disappears before anyone can share it!
  2. You can choose who your content is sent to.
    Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Snapchat allows you to pick specific names to send your images and videos to, instead of sharing them on the feeds of all your followers. That means, you can easily share industry news with just your longhorn and whitetail friends, family news with just your relatives and so on.
  3. Low maintenance.
    Maintaining a Snapchat account is easy because there are no likes and comments to make or respond to. We know breeders stay busy and low-maintenance social media is a must!
    Because photos and videos must be taken using the app, no upload time is needed when adding new content.
  4. Reach a new group of people.
  5. Less competition.
    Snapchat is still relatively new, especially for businesses. There is a lot less clutter to break through with your ranch brand!
  6. Viewers are engaged.
    Because the snaps already viewed disappear, there is none of the distraction that comes with a regular news feed. The audience almost always watches the full length of your message because there are no other posts visible to distract them. 
  7. Encourage a new kid of communication.
    Snapchat encourages users to send an image or video in response to whomever sent the original. On other social media, commenting and liking  are much more convenient and sometimes the only options.
    Receiving snaps back will give you new information about your fans and allow you to further develop your marketing plans. 

If you have any questions about starting your own Snapchat account, Hired Hand can help! Contact Us for more information on this app and how to best use it to market your longhorns or whitetails. Don't forget to also add Hired Hand as a friend on your Snapchat account! Our username is hiredhandweb. We share images of the different events we attend, looks behind the scenes at Hired Hand and fun with our customers. (And we look forward to seeing all of your selfies in the future!)


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