How A Fawn Celebrates A Mama On Mother's Day

by Laura Huff | May 06, 2016
Struggling with Mother's Day ideas? We have a few simple tips that would make any mom smile...from a whitetail fawn.

A fawn's instructions for celebrating a Mama on Mother's Day:

Stay in bed so she can get plenty of rest.

Fawn in grass

Take her out for a nice brunch at the favorite neighborhood spot. (Reasonably priced so she won’t worry about the cost of course.)

Herd of whitetails eating

Good behavior, ALL DAY.

Two fawns

Let her have some time to herself. Maybe like 5 minutes if you can handle it.

Whitetail doe

Surprise her with a talent show of all your awesome tricks, like jumping through the grass!

Fawns running

At Hired Hand we would like to say to all of the moms, We Appreciate You! We hope you are able to celebrate with your families the person you are and all the love you have shown them today.


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