Red McCombs Fiesta Sale 2016

by Laura Huff | May 05, 2016
Molly ​and Jaymie attended the Red McCombs Fiesta Sale in Johnson City, Texas. Over the course of the weekend they signed up new customers for Hired Hand powered websites, assisted current customers with questions and tutorials and texted out sale prices and buyers through our Mobile Marketing. They had a great time at one of their favorite sales of the year!

Molly and Jaymie provided the Internet bidding through Hired Hand Live as well during their time at the sale. Thank you to the 50+ Longhorn breeders who tuned into the sale on-line, bid and purchased cattle.

Alan Sparger
Alan Sparger, sale host, was all smiles when they tricked him into getting this photo.

Molly and Jaymie
Jaymie & Molly showing what might also happen to them if they messed up the Internet bidding for this annual event!

Red McCombs
Mr. Red McCombs welcoming people to his ranch and annual sale.

Stan Searle and Zech Dameron
Customer Stan Searle of Searle/Silverado Ranch with Molly and Dr. Zech Dameron.

Jaymie and Cyd Jordan
Jaymie with customer Cyd Jordan of Jordan Ranch.

Bow Carpenter and family
Customer Bow Carpenter of BC Cattle Co. with son Holden and fiance' Karina. Thanks for hosting the Thursday night dinner Bow!

Nancy Dunn and Kathy Palladini
Customers Nancy Dunn of Rolling D Ranch and Kathy Palladini of Double K Longhorns.

Isabelle, Linda & Sophia Mills
The best part of Legend Valley Ranch - Isabelle, Linda & Sophia Mills.
Donnie & Marilyn Taylor
New customers Donnie & Marilyn Taylor of 4T Longhorns.

Bear Davidson with Linda & Tom Harman
Customers Bear Davidson, G&G Longhorns ​and Eastwind StockCo with Linda & Tom Harman of TK Ranch.

Lynn & Nick Truxillo
Whispering Oaks Ranch owners Lynn & Nick Truxillo.

Sharon & Buck Adams
NEW website customers Sharon & Buck Adams​ of Buckhorn Cattle Co.

See more of our event photos on the Hired Hand Facebook page.
The next event we'll be attending is the T Bar W Ranch Production & Consignment Sale in Mineola, Texas May 13th and 14th. For more information on this sale visit ​the T Bar W Ranch website.

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