Adding a Reference Animal to Hired Hand

by Laura Huff | May 04, 2016
Reference Animals are a great way to drive visitors from one animal on your Hired Hand website to another herd member. By fully filling in pedigrees it is easy for other people to see what bloodlines make up the individual. It also encourages them to look further into the animal's pedigree with thumbnail photos and plenty of links. As your program continues to expand, don't neglect adding in the Reference Animals for all newcomers!

Watch the video on YouTube for the quickest way to add a new ​Reference Animal.

Video preview

 Below the steps are listed for an additional reference.
1. Click on "Manage Animals"
2. Click on "My Animals"
3. Click on "New" to create a new animal
4. Type in the Animal name, select the Animal Breed and ​select the Animal Type, then click "Next".
5. Under “Animal Activation”, select “No” and click "Next".
6. Enter the Registration Number and click "Next".
7. Fill in the Parent information and click "Next".
8. Select the ownership answer that applies to you and click "Next".
9. Double check the animal's information, then click "Finish".

Have questions? You can always contact Hired Hand for additional help by email or by calling 888-287-8554.

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