The When's and Why's of a Website Redesign

by Molly Clubb | Apr 29, 2016
Once a website is up and running, you trust it to do the job is was created to do. For most Hired Hand customers, websites are designed to market Texas Longhorn Cattle, Whitetail Deer, Quarter Horses and other breeds and businesses. By refreshing the homepage content, animal information and photos, you keep your website relevant in search engines and to viewers. By making these updates you also bring viewers back to see new information regularly.

Even with all of your abilities to make updates on your own, many experts suggest that websites can benefit from periodic redesigns. The length between redesigns is highly debated, but most businesses have found that it is best to refresh a website look every two to three years. 

Are you wondering if this is really a necessary step to take? Here are a few reasons your ranch could benefit from a redesign:

  1. Stay up to date with the latest technology. As Internet capabilities and devices continue to evolve, websites must change along with them.
  2. Bring new eyes to your site.
  3. Bring back viewers who no longer looked at your website regularly intriguing them with the new look.
  4. Experiment with a new organization. Do visitors to your website have trouble finding any certain information? A redesign allows you a chance to adjust your layout and make it easier to navigate.
  5. To fit a rebranding. Have you changed your logo or advertising look? A redesign can tie your website back in with your other marketing materials.
We recently launch two new website redesigns. We encourage you to visit the Craft Ranch website and see their striking use of black and white imagery, mouseovers, a custom Google Search bar and more.

Craft Ranch Website

Another newly designed site is the Struthoff Ranch website featured an updated look, custom graphics, reorganized content and condensed pages. 
Struthoff Ranch Website

Lago Haven Ranch, Hudson Longhorns and Rockin AF Ranch are next on our list of redesigns to be rolled out. We can't wait to share them with you.
For questions on redesigns please contact Molly Clubb at 319-269-8903 or

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