Hired Hand Live at the Blue Ridge Sale

by Molly Clubb | Apr 15, 2016

The Blue Ridge Sale utilized our Hired Hand Live internet bidding services for their 2016 sale last weekend. Below is a recap of key statistics.

Blue Ridge Sale Stats

  • The value of the internet up-bid was 67.7%
  • Of those up-bid lots, 29.5% then sold via the internet
  • 14.5% of all bidding occurred on-line
  • 5.3% of on-line bidding were absentee/max/auto bids
  • The leading absentee bidder contributed $9,800 of bid value to the sale and purchased $2,950 worth of cattle
  • 16.6% of lots sold on-line, 14 lots total to 7 different buyers
  • 4 additional lots had internet bidders in the lead but did not meet reserve or floor pricing
  • The leading live (non-absentee/max) internet bidder contributed $5,300 to bid influence and purchased $2,000 worth of cattle
  • The following graphic shows the various locations of internet bidders classified by their billing location, not physical location during the sale:
Blue Ridge Sale State Graph


The following lots sold on-line:


How the Top 10 Viewed Internet Lots compared to the Top 10 Sellers (Friday Night and Saturday):

Friday Night Heifer Sale Top 10 viewed lots via Hired Hand Live

Heifer Sale top lot hits

Of these only Lot H6 ($11,000), Lot H11 ($8,000), Lot H5 ($5,700) and Lot H17 ($3,150) made it in the top 10 high selling animals. Lot H6 was the 7th most viewed heifer online and topped the sale.


Saturday Cow Sale Top 10 viewed lots via Hired Hand Live

Blue Ridge Sale top lot hits

Of these only Lot 1 ($10,000) and Lot 39 ($3400) made it in the top 10 high selling animals. Lot 1 was the 4th highest viewed animal on Hired Hand Live and topped the cow sale.


Some social media humor surrounding our Hired Hand Live services:

Instagram image from David Mills

Instagram post

Hired Hand Live is FREE to viewers, bidders and buyers. If your sale would like to learn more about the costs and benefits of adding Hired Hand Live services to its line up please contact Molly today at 319-269-8903.

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