The Do's and Don'ts of Ranch Social Media

by Laura Huff | Mar 04, 2016
Ever wonder what could help you attract more followers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook? Or, do you wonder why you can't seem to keep people interested on social media? Take a look at this chart for quick answers on what you can be doing differently on your ranch account. Below, sample posts of the "Do's" can be found, along with short explanations of each point.

Do's and Don'ts of Ranch Social Media

The 5 Do’s of Ranch Social Media:

1. Share videos.
Let’s face it, social media feeds are very cluttered. Videos have shown to draw more attention to a post and offer a much more interesting take on things than even a photo can.

Ranch Video
Video from David Mill's Instagram account.

2. Tell a story.
Don’t just post an image or video. Explain it to your followers, tell them what makes this image special. Give them the background on it! Below is a post from Pinnacle Whitetails. They have updated followers on the progress of their new building regularly, a great example of story telling.

Ranch story
Photo from the Instagram account of Pinnacle Whitetails.

3. Look at your regular routine.
Share what a day on the ranch is like. Show them what makes your program work, or what can bring the day to a grinding halt when you least expect it.

Daily Ranch Routine
Photo from the Facebook page of B&C Wildlife Consulting, LLC.

4. Introduce animals and people.
Similar to telling a story in number 2. Introduce followers to the faces on your ranch and what makes them special; newcomers or veterans of your operation.

Introduce animals
Photo from the Facebook page of Moss Longhorns.

5. Interact.
Comment on, like or share posts from others to let them know you appreciate what they are doing on their own ranch! Respond to those who are commenting on you own posts as well.

Interacting on Facebook
Photo from the Facebook page of MB Longhorns.

The 5 Don’ts of Ranch Social Media:

1. Always sell.
Social media is a great place to work on marketing, but that isn’t the only thing it should be used for. Build your brand and connection with others by providing more than sales pitch after sales pitch.
2. Use only text.
This is a sure way of getting the LEAST views possible. People stop for great visuals when they are scrolling through their social media feeds.
3. Long intervals between posts.
Participating regularly on social media will help to grow the number of people following you and your program. Stay at the top of their news feeds by posting often.
4. Unresponsive to followers and comments.
Show your appreciation and respond to comments, or risk receiving less and less from your followers.
5. Share controversial opinions.
Maintain your personal account to post your opinions and more personal information. Using your ranch account to do so could quickly leave your page littered with negative thoughts and drive away followers.
We offer social media services to help get ranches started on new accounts or to help grow their followers. We can even take over ranch profiles for those who find their time better spent on other aspects of the job! Contact Molly for more information.

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