10 Pinterest Ideas for Valentines for Animal Lovers

by Molly Clubb | Feb 12, 2016

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we thought it’d be appropriate to share our top finds on easy-to-do, homemade Valentines that any animal lover would be happy to give to their friends and family.

10. Hogs and Kisses Valentine

Hogs and kisses


9. I Love “Horsing Around” with you printable Valentine with place for chocolate hearts:

Horsing around Valentine


8. Does your child have to make a box to collect all of his Valentine’s at school? Why not let his true passion show through and make it look like a Whitetail Deer?

Valentine box


7. What could be more fun than an animal Valentine? How about ones that start with your child’s own handprints?

Handprint Valentine


6. Cow Paperplate Valentine for Kids

Cow paper plate


5.  “I Love You Deerly” custom printable Valentine’s

Printable Deer Valentine


4. Do you need treats for all of your little Valentine’s this year? Do they love horses? Then we found just the project for you!

Horse Valentine


3. You’re a “Deer” Friend Valentine complete with a no-fail cookie cut out

Deer cookies


2. If you have time to grab some small plastic horses from your local store, they’d go great with this free “Woah Valentine” printable, complete with a place for your child to practice writing his classmate’s names:

Woah Valentine


1. Whether it’s an elephant, fish, cat or dog, this link has instructions for tons of homemade animal shaped valentines:

Valentine crafts

Do you have an idea that didn't make our list? Please comment with it below or share a link to your personal Pinterest Board containing the idea so we can re-pin it. You can also follow Hired Hand Software on Pinterest at


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