When to Update Your Hired Hand Website

by Laura Huff | Dec 04, 2015
There is plenty of research out there showing that websites that are regularly updated receive more traffic, that is why Hired Hand makes it easy for customers to add new information on their own time. This doesn't mean updating your Hired Hand website needs to be a daily thing, but we would suggest making a least two changes each week.

To help you get organized and on track with your updates, we have created a Content Calendar for you to follow.

Week 1:
a) Add new photos*
b) Make changes or additions to the descriptions on outdated animals 
Week 2:
a) Add new photos*
b) Add any new measurements taken recently

Week 3:
a) Add new photos*
b) Choose "Active Animals" to receive extra promotion. This can be done by making them "featured animals" or simply re-ordering the priority of a category on a page (alphabetical, age, TTT, price, etc.)

Week 4:
a) Add new photos*
b) Make changes or additions to Progeny and Breeding sections. You can also choose to feature a "relevant animal" below your primary animal such as a Service Sire, high dollar sibling, etc. This was a new enhancement released in 2015. 
c) Post new content on the homepage with news from the past month

*We would suggest setting aside one day a month to take photos, and then add the new photos a few at a time throughout the month.

Have questions on how to make any of these changes on your own? You can always contact us for support or refreshers on updating your Hired Hand website.

Update Calendar

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