2015 Gift Guide

by Laura Huff | Dec 04, 2015
The holidays are in full swing with Thanksgiving long gone and Christmas on the way! At Hired Hand, we know that gift giving can easily become a not-so-fun search for the next best thing. To help keep your attitude 'merry and bright', we have put together a gift guide, with ideas for every person on your list!

The Techy
A new GoPro camera to share videos of your ranch and herd will keep your Techy busy for hours shooting footage and uploading to social media, and your Hired Hand website!
GoPro Camera

The Kids

The Cook
The chef in your life can try out a number of recipes and read old ranch stories in this book put out by the TLBAA in 2011.

Ranch cookbook

Or if your recipient has a freezer full of venison, try out this cookbook by Scott Leysath, aka "The Sporting Chef".

venison cookbook
The Fashionista
A gift for the woman always concerned when putting a hat over her hair for chores and for the woman owning the colored work boots, some work gloves NOT in the standard yellow, black or brown.

Work gloves

The Fan
That one person full of passion for your herd could use some new gear to show off your ranch brand or logo. A new hat, sweatshirt or coat are great options for this chilly weather! Doug Stott (our customer), Stotts Hideaway Ranch, ​is a great resource for getting any embroidery projects done. He can even help you pick out the items to put your design on. 
Check out the Bar JR Longhorns and Hired Hand brands below for some inspiration!

Bar JR Longhorns Hired Hand

The Christmas Lover
If your home is decorated with flashing lights and fluffy fake snow, chances are you live with a Christmas Lover! Tone things down a little with this festive, simple wreath. They will love a new Christmas item, and you will love its subtleness. 


The Champ
When the mantle can't hold any more of the "Champ's" awards, it is time to find another way to display those winnings!
Ribbon quilt Buckle case

The Early Riser
Since you won't be along to hold the flashlight, be sure the Early Riser has all they need to get going in the dark winter mornings with a headlamp to light their way!

The One Who Has It All
The saying goes, "You can never have too much of a good thing", so why not add a new whitetail or longhorn to their ranch? Hired Hand Search is a great place to start your shopping!

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