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by Laura Huff | Dec 02, 2015
We have been hard at work this year on plenty of new logos for our Whitetail Deer and Texas Longhorn customers. Logos can go a long way toward branding your ranch or herd. It provides a simple way to be recognized in print advertising, social media or on sale pen posters. If you have a website, it can be used there too in the header to further connect the different areas of marketing your ranch utilizes. 

We always begin our logo process by first communicating with the customer about what ideas they already have in mind. This could mean emails of other logos they find appealing, small sketches of ideas, or simply describing to us what they are looking for. In this stage it is time to consider:
1. Color
2. Name 
3. Any specific elements you want included (i.e. a longhorn silhouette)

Next, we take our time creating a few draft options to keep the process rolling. Usually, we try to make sure the style is different for each one to get a better idea of what the customer is looking for.

From there, we wait for further instructions from the client. This could mean tweaks to a draft they like best, or combining different elements of the logos. Many times, font choices are explored during this stage.

We continue working back and forth with customers until they are satisfied with the final outcome. Then we send them all of the different file types they may need in the future. 

There are so many places logos can be used to market your herd. Below are just a few examples we have designed this year, ranging in stye, color and shape. If you are interested in having one for your own ranch made, just contact Molly to get started!

Hired Hand designed logos 

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