DK Longhorn Ranch, Little Bears Farm and A&S Land & Cattle

by Laura Huff | Dec 02, 2015
Below you will find three of our latest Longhorn websites with a little background information on each one. Everyone involved with the industry knows how important it is to be connected with other breeders. ​We hope to help make that happen by introducing the newest names to Hired Hand! 

We also encourage those considering their own website to check out the designs and capabilities of each site below. We worked with the owners in creating the look and trained them to make updates of their own as the herds evolve.

DK Longhorn Ranch
Darwyn and Renee Klarenbeek, Rock Rapids, Iowa
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DK Longhorn Ranch Home

DK Longhorn ranch began in the spring of 2009. The addition of foundation cows has grown the herd and improved genetics in the years since then. The Karenbeeks' program is focused on that 'total package' Texas Longhorn, aimed at color, confirmation, disposition and horn.

Darwyn and Renee Klarenbeek

DK Longhorn Ranch Herd

Darwyn and Renee are excited to continue sharing their passion for Longhorn breeding and beef. Visit their website regularly to see new herd additions and to contact them about all things Longhorn! 

Little Bears Farm
Paul and Crystal Warford, Ozark Mountains, Oklahoma
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Little Bears Farm Herd

The Warfords both grew up on farms and felt that it would be a great experience for their own children to do the same. Kylie, Alaina and Jason even inspired the name of the family farm, as Paul refers to the kids as his 'little bears'.

Warford family

Longhorns were added to their land after the Warfords built a longhorn chute for a customer. They are happy about their continued growth and understanding of the breed. "Even though we started out with what we thought were really good animals, we continue to learn and perfect our herd as we grow. Our dream is to have pastures full of sound, colorful, twisty horn cows."

Little Bears Farm Animal

Visit their website to learn more about the program at Little Bears Farm!

A&S Land & Cattle
Scott and Amelia Picker, Dundee, Oregon
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A&S Land & Cattle home

A&S Land & Cattle began with a Longhorn herd meant to be a hobby for the Pickers. Like so many other breeders, their original ideas of herd size and budget went out the window soon after acquiring those first five animals. The search for premier Longhorns started and continues today.

A&S Land & Cattle herd

The Pickers find satisfaction in watching their herd's constant improvement and in seeing customers leave happy on a regular basis. They enjoy sharing about their program and appreciate the community this industry has created.

A&S Land & Cattle animal

See their herd and learn more about the Pickers ranch on their website!

Do you have questions about Hired Hand websites? Contact us to get the answers you need or visit our website.

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