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by Laura Huff | Nov 19, 2015
If you have considered our templates in the past, this post is for you! Are you worried your website will look like everyone else's? A template does not mean your​ Hired Hand site will look like the others using the same design. All three of these new Longhorn ranch websites are examples of templates. They are still very unique from one another and show off the style off each individual ranch; just take a look below!

All template sites still pick a separate monthly package for functionality. This means they are not limited on the number of pages, the content, or the number of photos. Opting for a template design never means missing out on website traffic or having to leave out any of your​ herd information.

Native Cattle Company
Curtis and Donna Hoskins, Watonga, Oklahoma
Template, Buckaroo

Native Cattle Co-home

The herd at Native Cattle Company is built on a handful of foundation cows Curtis and Donna added to their ranch over time. They both grew up in Oklahoma and have Native American roots, represented by the ranch name. The Hoskins' admiration for the Longhorn breed began years ago, and what began as a dream for one steer has turned into the the program they have today. 

Native Cattle Co-herd

Native Cattle Co-animal

The couple doesn't take all of the credit for the growth of Native Cattle Company. They recognize the help they have experienced along the way, from friends like Randy and Jamie Briscoe. Check out the Hoskins' website design, which gives a unique nod to their Native American backgrounds, then check out the photos and information on their herd.

Talley Longhorns
John and Christine Talley, Boonsboro, Maryland
Template, Buckaroo

Talley Longhorns-home

The Talley Longhorns ranch began as a way to maintain John's pastures during his busy work schedule; a decision influenced greatly by Ben Gravett. In 2014, John and Christine toured G&G Longhorns. There, the excitement they felt about creating their own Longhorn breeding program grew into a reality. They purchased two animals right then and there!

Talley Longhorns-herd

Talley Longhorns-animal

G&G Longhorns influenced Talley Longhorns by also inviting them to their first Texas Longhorn auction, the Legacy Sale. While attending the weekend's events they gained a new understanding of what this Longhorn industry is truly about. Christine had this to say about her experience: "We already had a strong passion for our cows, but now more importantly breeding and participating in the longhorn community has added a new and exciting dimension to our lives." 

Learn more about their herd on their new Hired Hand website!

Texas Twist Ranch
Roger & Jackie Garlitz, Oakwood, Texas
Template, Buckaroo

Texas Twist Ranch - home

Texas Twist Ranch began back in 1998 with 6 bred cows and quickly expanded to 125. In 2008, all but 10 heifers were sold and the herd was restarted with those top girls. Today the Garlitzes maintain the ranch themselves and keep the herd numbers around 60.

Texas Twist Ranch - herd

Texas Twist Ranch - animal

On their website, you will find a description of their breeding program. At Texas Twist Ranch, they split their Longhorns into two herds and transfer calves carefully from one to the other. They keep meticulous records of their animals and can trace each one back for six generations. Visit their website to see the expanded pedigrees and more about the ranch!

You can see more examples of templates on our own site. Contact us with any questions you have ​about launching your ranch's Hired Hand website. 

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