"Back To The Future" Technology Throwback

by Laura Huff | Oct 21, 2015
We had to give a nod to the 80's today, as it is the day Marty McFly travels to in "Back ​To The Future Part II", October 21st, 2015. To celebrate, we are taking a look back on where technology was at the time this movie was made. 

Macintosh Computer
The original Macintosh computer was released the in mid-80's, weighing about 16 pounds. Consumers were in love with the user-friendly capabilities the system had. We still appreciate the ease of using Apple's Mac computers, but Molly and Jaymie would have had a tough time traveling to events with one of these in tow!

Car Phone
Speaking of extra weight, this late 1980's Talkman mobile phone was close to 11 pounds! Our Hired Hand mobile messages wouldn't be possible with this suitcase of a phone. (And even if they were, you'd have to sit in your car to recharge this baby just to check the messages!) Luckily, in 1987 a handheld was created to replace it.

Windows 1.0 was launched, allowing computers to navigate the system using icons and to have multiple programs open at once. It was a huge step by Microsoft in creating an easy-to-navigate system. Today we have moved on to Windows 10 as further developments are made.

Symbolics Corporation became the first to own a .com domain name. This paved the way for the over 270 million now on the Internet, including our Hired Hand-powered websites. 

Polaroid Camera
This Polaroid 660 is definitely a piece of the past. Imagine taking this out on your ranch to photograph your herd, or someone trying to snap selfie with this clunky thing! Needless to say, we prefer the accessibility of phones and added ease of transferring photos the web.

It is easy to see that Hired Hand would have had a much different role in the 80's! We are thrilled to see how far technology has come since the release of "Back To The Future" and look forward to adapting our services to the changes yet to come.


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