Timber Creek Longhorns, R Bar B Farm and JP Ranch

by Laura Huff | Aug 16, 2015
Catch up on more or our newly released Texas Longhorn websites! You don't want to miss a logo we designed, a look at raising longhorns for beef ​AND horn; and a grouping of great photos that highlight what raising longhorns means to one couple.

Timber Creek Longhorns
Mark Kever McKinney, Texas

Timber Creek Longhorns Home

Timbercreek Longhorns began in 2012, when Mark's son was working for Frank Hevrdej's. He convinced Mark to buy a few of the steers from the Deer Creek Longhorns ranch.

Timber Creek Longhorns Herd

When coming to tour the ranch before purchasing these new animals, the Kevers were hooked! They didn't come home with a few steers, they brought back five heifers and a bull, too. What a great story showing how passionate Texas Longhorn breeders can be.

Timber Creek Longhorns Animal

We were happy to design the website for Timber Creek Longhorns, as well as the logo you see at the top. Visit their website to see their herd!

R Bar B Farm
Randy & Bruna Claypool Tuttle, Oklahoma

R Bar B Farm Home

The R Bar B Farm has had Texas Longhorns since 2005 and the Claypools appreciate the hearty nature of the breed. They raise Texas Longhorns for beef and horn; they recognize the many qualities it takes to produce an all-around great animal. 

R Bar B Farm Bulls

R Bar B Farm Animal

Check out their two great bulls (BRR Leonardo Da Vinci and Ol Fernando) and the other longhorns at R Bar B by going to their website!

JP Ranch
James & Paula Wilkins Ben Wheeler, Texas

JP Ranch Home

This ranch first held longhorns in 2011 to provide ropers for James. The Wilkins changed their mindset about the breed when JP Rio Grande came onto the scene out of their cow Rodeo Queen. 

JP Ranch Photos

JP Ranch Animal

The are grateful for all of the friendships they have established through the Longhorn industry and are just as excited about their herd now as when it began. They have plenty of photos of their animals and friends on the JP Ranch website, be sure to take a look!

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