S7 Longhorns, Luebbering Longhorns and VT Longhorns

by Laura Huff | Aug 12, 2015
These three Texas Longhorn websites all went live during the same week in July. Some of these customers are new, and others are old faces with a new way to showcase their herd. 

S7 Longhorns
Larry Smith and Derrick Smith Waelder, Texas

S7 Longhorns Home

S7 Longhorns is a father/son operation. This ranch began in 2014 and Longhorns had a place there right away. 

S7 Longhorns Herd

When adding to the herd, color, composition and horn are all factors taken into consideration. The Smiths are also working to breed a pure Butler line of cattle. This takes time and extra care to maintain such specific qualities.

S7 Longhorns Animal

Check out the new website to see what S7 Longhorns has to offer!

Luebbering Longhorns
Lisa Luebbering Missouri

Luebbering Home

Lisa is not a new name to Hired Hand. We are proud to have worked with her in the past on other projects and are glad we had the opportunity to create a website for her. 

Luebbering About

In 2011 the ranch was started with Lisa's late husband, Glen. After he passed away the family couldn't part with the Texas Longhorn herd he had helped to establish. There is clearly a lot of love invested in this ranch!

Luebbering Animal

Lisa also credits her success with Longhorns to her knowledge of the business world. She owns PEP Waterproofing, LLC, which helped her discover how to run a ranch smoothly everyday.

VT Longhorns
Cliff and Linda Sanders Glenburn, North Dakota

VT Longhorns Home

The Sanders are trading out their Angus herd for Texas Longhorns after their son hooked them on the "new" breed.

VT Longhorns Herd

With the help of Darol Dickinson the transition will make their ranch one of just a few to own Registered Texas Longhorns in North Dakota. 

VT Longhorns Animal

Those at VT Longhorns are excited about the genetics they have already been able to incorporate into their herd, including Win Win, Juma, Rodeo Max, Tempter and Tibbs. See some of the off​spring on their new website!

You can always find more information ​and see featured samples of our Texas Longhorn websites at:

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