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by Laura Huff | Jul 27, 2015
Tired of wading through your news feed to find our Hired Hand posts? Have you missed our posts of photos and information in the past? Facebook has updated the News Feed to make it easier to find the posts most important and relevant to you! Now you can choose the pages and people listed at the top of your News Feed so you no longer need to scroll past other Facebook noise.

Below are the steps to follow that will help you find Hired Hand posts quickly and easily.

Computer Facebook changes

To update your desktop computer or laptop:
1. Visit our page
2. Click on the "Liked" drop down, located in the bottom right of our cover photo. ​
3. ​Select "See First" to put us at the top of your News Feed.

To update your mobile device:

FB News Feed Step 1

1. On your mobile device, touch the "More" icon in the bottom right of your screen.

FB News Feed Step 2

2. Select "News Feed Preferences" by scrolling down to the Setting section.

FB News Feed Step 3

3. Select "Prioritize who to see first".

FB News Feed Step 4

4. Select Hired Hand Software from the options listed!

Having trouble? Just ​contact us ​and we will assist you in updating your Facebook profiles.

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