Duke's Ranch, Longhorn Creek Ranch, KDK Longhorns and R&R Ranch

by Laura Huff | Jul 24, 2015
We are excited to provide another recap of our newest longhorn websites. Duke's Ranch, Longhorn Creek Ranch, KDK Longhorns and R&R Ranch are all very different in style and each has a great individual story behind their herds. 

Duke's Ranch
Template, B​uckaroo
Melv & Sadie Beiler Honey Grove, Pennsylvania

Duke's Ranch

Duke's Ranch got started with the purchase of SDR Duke from G&G Longhorns at the beginning of 2014.

Melv and family

They are making this program a family affair, with daughter Sierra already owning her own longhorn, CTR Nacho Color.

SDR Duke

The Beilers are adding to their herd with every sale and the help of some individuals well-known in the industry. You can also find J&J Longhorns here too, so be sure to check out all the animals listed on the Duke's Ranch website.
Welcome to the Texas Longhorn family, Melv and Sadie!

Longhorn Creek Ranch
Brian & Carly Varner Holton, KS 66436

Longhorn Creek Ranch

Longhorn Creek Ranch has been decades in the making, beginning as Brian's childhood dream. They have big plans for their program and have worked hard to find the best combinations for breeding complete longhorns, including horn, color, disposition and fertility.

Longhorn Creek Ranch - heifer

Longhorn Creek Logo

The Varners continue to grow their herd and have increased their ranch size to accommodate all the new comers. Their dreams continue to get bigger as goals are reached and new genes are added.

KDK Longhorns
Janet Harm​an & Kent ​Mayes Llano, Texas

KDK Longhorns

This Longhorn ranch began as another breeder was getting out of the industry. They purchased three animals from this particular ranch and enjoyed the ease of keeping longhorns, as well as the reactions from visitors to the property.

KDK Longhorns - cows

Janet and Kent decided to take a big step in 2013 and began buying more longhorns through private treaty sales. This allowed them to talk with other breeders at depth about how to best care for a growing herd and they were able to see it first hand. 

KDK Longhorns - Chatty

KDK Longhorns gives a lot of attention to their animals. They spend many hours with their longhorns to keep them easy to work with and be around. See more about their program on their website!

R&R Ranch
Ron Skinner & Rebecca Alexander-Skinner Cypress, Texas

R&R Ranch

R&R Ranch began when the Skinners put down their roots permanently in Texas. They focus breeding strategies on "a desirable balance of horn length, color, conformation and gentle disposition". 

R&R Ranch heifers

At the Ranch they enjoy working with other breeders one-on-one in private sales to connect with people in the industry as they continue to develop quality longhorn genetics.

R&R Ranch bull

Their site also features some great photos to go along with the design and show off more of the R&R Ranch herd. See it all at the link below!

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