7 Ways Raising Deer Is Similar To Raising Kids

by Laura Huff | Jul 24, 2015

Raising fawns takes time, energy, organization and patience. Sounds a lot like qualities also needed for raising kids! Here's our take on the similarities between caring for fawns and children.

Fawns in the house

1. Inconvenient feeding times.

It seems like all small beings need to eat at the worst times during the day. And more frequently than we could ever deem possible.

Doe fawn bottle feeding

2. Vacations are no longer a part of your life.

Say goodbye to your favorite summer vacation spot! With all that feeding and fussing happening at home, you aren't going ANYWHERE. For awhile.

Vacation dreams

3. Bottles, bottles, bottles.

You are either cleaning bottles, filling bottles or feeding a baby with bottles. Stock up on them before it is too late!

Prepping bottles

4. Separation anxiety.

You little ones become attached as you hold them and spend time with them every day. You call in help for a break and all chaos breaks loose!

group of fawns
Photo from Hired Hand customer Holly Vesely Korenek of Blue Creek Whitetails.

5. Life is messy.

You are now part of a clean up crew working a never-ending job. Be ready to live in some mess and to get dirty!

Fawn in blankets

6. ​Any remote sign of illness poses a threat.

Any sign of illness with one of your babies causes you to drop everything else in your day. You stay by their side until all symptoms (no matter how serious) have subsided.

Holding baby fawn

7. Big rewards will come.

All the time, energy and love poured into your kids and fawns will be evident at different moments in life. Feel proud for what you have accomplished in their little lives and use that feeling of reward to motivate you as you continue parenting.

Brittney and fawn
Photo from Hired Hand employee Brittney Klein.

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