Social Media: 5 Tips and 5 Actions

by Laura Huff | Jul 21, 2015
Social Media Marketing can be extremely effective when done correctly. However, it can be tough to break through to others with posts coming from so many different sources. Here are a few tips and ideas to help you break through the social media clutter.

5 Tips for Social Media Interactions:

1. Pick your Channels. Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Blog, LinkedIn….all of these forms of social media are relevant right now. It is impossible to stay fully connected in each of these platforms at the same time. Pick a combination of which will work best for you and what you feel the most excited about using. By concentrating your time and energy on just a few of social media channels, you can engage with followers on a more personal level.
Social Media Channels

2. Give it TIME.
Gaining followers takes time and consistency. You will need more than just a couple posts to catch people's attention. Keep showing up with different content that will keep others coming back for more!

3. Pay Attention.
Give attention to people who are commenting on your posts. This will encourage them to continue interacting with you and begin building a relationship. Vis-versa, comment on posts you enjoy from other people. Let them know what they are doing right. Social media is about communicating, but that can't happen when no one reaches out.

4. Know when to Post.
All sorts of resources can provide you with ideas of when to post to get the best responses. It isn't the same for everyone, so use what data you can gain from your own profile to determine what days and times are working best for you. One resource we found stated that Fridays were the most active for Facebook, a great thing to keep in mind when we schedule our posts for the week.

5. Use Images.
They say "a picture is worth a thousand words" and this is true on social media platforms as well. The same resource mentioned above also stated that images attracted 87% of Facebook activity. That is a HUGE percentage! Use this knowledge to your advantage, catch the eyes of others as they scroll through their social media feeds.

5 ​Actions for Social Media:

1. Get your Phone Out.
Let's be honest, rarely anyone goes places without their phone. Pull that out and start creating content throughout the day! That means taking photos as you are working with your animals, showing off the great sunset on the edge of your property and just capturing the moments that demonstrate what you are about.

2. Take a Video.
While you have that phone out, try taking a video to share. Videos can add even more personality to a post by combining audio and visual content. They are a great way to change it up.

3. Make Announcements Visual.
Remember our earlier statistic about the increased attention images receive? Use that to your advantage. Have new calves or fawns on the ranch? Post a photo of one to announce it. Have new measurements on your website? Post a photo of the animal, or a photo of the measurement process.
R Bar B announcement

4. Comment and Like.
Comment, comment, comment. We can't say enough about interacting with others. Just do it!

5. Use your Brand.
Do you have a logo or brand to identify yourself? Share that with your followers so they know who they are looking at. Use it for profile picture or add it onto the corner of your photos.
HH Facebook profile

Want to see these ideas and tips in action? Check out the Hired Hand Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram accounts. We also offer Social Media assistance as one of our Hired Hand Services if you need extra help​ ​establishing yourself on​line. Feel free to contact us with your questions. 


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