G6 Longhorns, Hodges Longhorns and Dillon Syndication

by Laura Huff | Jul 17, 2015
Longhorn websites are going live almost daily! Here we are giving you another look at a few more of this year's new sites. We worked with each of the owners on site designs that would set their herds apart in a unique way. 

G6 Longhorns
C​ustom, W​rangler
Todd & Maggie Goldinger Palmyra, Missouri

G6 Longhorns

The Goldingers have a site to host their longhorn herd, Precision Ag and Insurance ventures all in one place at G6 Longhorns. 

G6 Longhorns herd

Their header and footer both showcase some of their herd. We also used their ranch brand to make a logo for the site, which is a great easy to create some continuity between marketing and the longhorn herd.

G6 Hashtag

Check out their website to read about their Insurance and Precision Ag services, and to see more of their longhorns!

Hodges Longhorns
Simple Template, BUCKAROO
Dave & Carmen Hodges Big Timber, Montana

Hodges Longhorns

Hodges Longhorns began after the Hodges tried breeding their beef cattle with longhorns way back in 1976. They are proud of their ability to transition to longhorns using their previous herd knowledge.

Hodges Longhorns herd

Their site also shows off their cattle brand, a P with a heart hanging off of it. This brand was used by their relatives beginning in the 1800's and they even have the first handmade iron.

Hodges Longhorns animal

Their passion for longhorns continues into their art, which you can find on their site as well​. Take time to check out all that Hodges Longhorns has to offer!

Dillon Syndication
Template, B​uckaroo

Dillon Syndication

This site is all about Dillon, a bull out of Top Caliber x RM Miss Kitty. What makes him so special? He measured 80" TTT before his 3rd birthday and projects to 92.6"TTT. 

Dillon info

The site gives all the details on Dillon and what genetics he can bring to your herd. It also has information on how to join the partnership with the fifteen other members.

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