3 Of Our New Longhorn Websites

by Laura Huff | Jul 11, 2015
We are always working on new Longhorn websites. A lot of time goes into preparing them to go live before we hand over the reins to our customers. Once a site is on-line, they have the ability to make updates on their own as the herd develops. Three of our newest Longhorn sites are introduced below. See which ranches are now in the Hired Hand system!

Double H Ranch
T​emplate, Buckaroo
Justin & Adrienne Henry with Allen & Carole Henry
Falling Waters, West Virginia 

Double H Ranch page

Double H Ranch Home Page photos

Double H Ranch is a family affair! Adrienne, Justin, Peyton and Parker work together with Justin's parents, Carole and Allen Henry to keep their longhorn herd in West Virginia. They love having cattle right outside the door to bring smiles to their faces after long, busy work days. Though they are new to the longhorn business, they are literally taking the bulls by the horns with two partnerships. The Henrys are looking forward to adding more to the list with Tempter Tantrum and Cherokee aka Tsa-la-gi. 

Designer Genes

The Henrys display their herd with lots of great photos, like this one of Designer Genes. See their website for more!

Eagle Hill Longhorns
T​emplate, B​uckaroo
Mike & Joan Donnelly Alberta, Canada

Eagle Hill Longhorn Ranch welcome page

Eagle Hill Longhorn Ranch

Eagle Hill Longhorn Ranch - heifers

Hired Hand went international to create a site ​for Eagle Hill Longhorns, located in Canada. Eagle Hill Longhorn Ranch began in 2010 when another breeder retired. Mike had spent time in Texas where he fell in love with longhorns. He and wife Joan now breed for conformation, horn, coloring and quiet disposition. What sets them apart is their dedication to finding the best genetics for those characteristics. They not only look to fellow Canadian ranchers, but also to those in America when building their herd.

M3 Longhorns
T​emplate, B​uckaroo
Michael & Bonnie Moore Keller, Texas

M3 Homepage

M3 Animal page

M3 Longhorns participated in our "12 Days of Christmas" promotion and purchased a website. They enjoy showing off their cattle in town at their business, Iron Door. "Our customers love seeing the cattle right here in town. They ooh and aww all the time at these amazing animals." What a great way to introduce more people to this amazing breed! Because they aren't out in the country they keep their herd small, but that doesn't stop them from working with great genetics like Cowboy Tuff Chex.

M3 Facebook photo 

We love this photo of J.R. Reba, one of the first cows on their property and the dam of many of their animals.

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