Hired Hand for a Day Kansas Report

by Laura Huff | May 12, 2015

Our first 2015 Hired Hand for a Day Tour took us to Kansas, May 5th through the 7th.

Jaymie and Molly's favorite travel companions were along for the ride! Cut, Copy and Paste kept our Instagram and Facebook followers informed on all the trip happenings.

    Longhorn figurines doing some Hired Hand work.
They planned our route for the week, made sure adequate snacks were purchased, kept us on task at breakfast and helped finish up the work every night.

Molly with Bill Meridith
Our first stop was at Tallgrass Cattle Company. There, we spent time with Bill and Judy Meridith photographing their herd and setting up a new Hired Hand powered website.
Above is Molly with Bill after all the hard work was done.

Mike & Debbie Bowman with Molly and Jaymie

The second stop in Kansas was at End of Trail Ranch to begin converting Mike and Debbie Bowman's herd to Hired Hand Software. We had a great visit with the Bowman's and were so excited to hear Mike say "This is so easy!" regarding using Hired Hand to update his new website.
Pictured are Mike, Debbie, Molly and Jaymie after a day outside.

Watch for both of these new websites to go live early this week!

Where to find us next:
Our Hired Hand for a Day Tour ​is heading to ​Oregon including the ranches of Alex Dees, Mike Klampe, Justin Risenmay, Daniel & Angelina Fey and more!

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