Fey Longhorns, Longhorn Creek and Moss Longhorns websites go live

by Laura Huff | May 13, 2015
We have had many websites go live in the past couple months. Finally, we have time to share them all with you! We will be posting them on the blog throughout the next few weeks with a little about each ranch. Take a minute to visit the websites and see what else they offer!

Fey Longhorns
C​onversion, B​uckaroo
Daniel and Angelina Fey Yamhill, Oregon

Fey Longhorns Consignment Sale page

Daniel and Angelina Fey

In Oregon, Fey Longhorns strives to produce cattle with horn, color, conformation, fertility, milking ability and disposition as a package. Daniel and Angelina have jumped head first into the longhorn industry, also hosting their first sale this June. The Fey Longhorns website has been completed just in time for their new consignment sale on June 6th, 2015. They see their longhorns as an investment and enjoy the competition that comes with the breed. Even more, they enjoy the opportunities to meet people from across the country.

Fey Longhorns home page

Longhorn Creek Ranch
Custom Design, Buckaroo Package 
Brian & Carly Varner Holton, Kansas

Cow page of site

Spur Texa page

Brian and Carly Varner began their longhorn ranch in 2013 with five longhorns. Together, they strive for quality and excellence in their herd. Brian had dreamed of becoming a rancher as a young child and they are happy to be able to share the experience with their two sons, Westin and Camden. The Varners have included a "Sold" page on their site so visitors can easily see who has left Longhorn Creek Ranch.

Moss Longhorns
T​emplate, Buckaroo 
Josh & Kaitlyn Moss Comfort, Texas

Josh & Kaitlyn Moss

Moss Longhorns page 2

Everyone at Moss Longhorns recognizes the history of the longhorn breed. Josh and Kaitlyn love sharing about the gentle nature of their cattle, as well as their abilities to with stand all sorts of difficult conditions. Their ranch is on the same property where Josh grew up. He makes sure all the "heavy lifting" around the ranch gets done, as Kaitlyn tens to the herd. Both come from families owning livestock and make a good team managing their own cattle.

Moss Longhorns page

In addition to the website for Moss Longhorns, we created a logo for the ranch. That is what you see in the header on each of the web pages.

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