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by Molly Clubb | Nov 24, 2014
It can help your next Texas Longhorn consignment sale or auction! 

Hired Hand Live was launched in September 2014 at the Panther Creek Dispersal. Since then, we've received wonderful (and helpful) feedback from sale hosts, on-line bidders, buyers and watchers. Below is some of that feedback, photos and some interesting stats regarding how Hired Hand Live has helped the overall auctions its served. If you're a sale host, we'd love to visit with you about how it can help your next sale. Contact Molly today for more information. We're currently booking 2015 dates and beyond. 

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2015 Sales booked to date: TLBAA Eddie Woods Cowtown Classic, Hudson Valentine Sale, Blue Ridge Sale

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Panther Creek Dispersal Hired Hand Live Stats:
- 14 winning Internet bids with 234 total Internet bids.
- $85,200 was contributed to the sale via Internet
- 60% of cows were bid up via the Internet of which 24.3% of them sold through the up-bid via Internet.
- 68 registered on-line bidders of which approx. were 58% logged in over the course of the auction
- There were an additional 40 on-line viewers (not pre-registered for on-line bidding or called in phone bids)

Longhorn World Championship Sale Hired Hand Live Stats:
55.7% of the animals sold were upbid through the internet.
22.8% of the upbid animals ended up selling via the internet through Hired Hand Live. Thank you to the 38 registered on-line bidders and over 25 additional on-line viewers that tuned into the sale following only 8 days of promotion.

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Feedback from Hired Hand Live users:
- "I thought it was a lot more user friendly, easier to bid and following the bidding was easier - just all of the technical stuff in general." Sean Collins 
- "Overall it was bids went in fine...I thought things went very well." Terry Adcock
- "I thought it was great! Simple and easy to use." Nathan Helm
- "I love that it had the photo and write up from the catalog next to the video - very impressive." Brian Brett
- "The on-line bidding worked great!" John Lydick

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