Several New Hired Hand Powered Websites Are Live

by Molly Clubb | Nov 23, 2014
Several new Hired Hand powered websites have gone live in the past few weeks. Have you had the opportunity to check them out yet? We encourage you to take a few moments and visit the links below. If you'd like to convert your current Texas Longhorn, Whitetail Deer or Quarter Horse website over to Hired Hand Software's custom Animal and Content Management System or get started from scratch with a new website, please contact us today. Our friendly and breed-knowledgable sales reps are standing by to help! or 319-269-8903.

Rollin' B Longhorns:
Template, Buckaroo
Rollin B Longhorns has rolled out their new Hired Hand powered website. With 30 head featured on their Templated Buckaroo package site, Randy & Miki Bienek have a wide variety of pages and animals for you to browse. Located in La Grange, Texas, view their new website on-line and then head over for a visit.


Bartlett Longhorns:
Template, Buckaroo
The new Hired Hand powered website for Bartlett Longhorns is live and rolling. Juma's Rose and Clearly High are just a few of the Texas Longhorns you'll want to check out on your first visit and be sure to swing by his Sale Pen page as well. Although he's not done perfecting his "About" page quite yet, it will be something for you to come back and check out again soon.

Bartlett Longhorns

E&L Longhorn Farms:
Template, Buckaroo
We'd tell you about how Jerry Loveday got started in the Longhorn Industry but we think that you should read about it on his new Hired Hand powered website. So take a few moments and head on over - E&L Texas Longhorn Farms is expecting you. Thank you for your website business Jerry - we appreciate you!


Rockin Z Longhorns:
Template, Buckaroo
The new Hired Hand powered website for Rockin' Z Longhorns is now live and ready for you to go check out. Located in Marquez, Texas, the Rockin' Z is home to quality registered Longhorns and Chris and Sarah Zarsky. The Zarsky's chose from one of our 5 templates to get started with their new website and are on our "Buckaroo" package. Head over to their new website today to see what they're breeding and how they've put Hired Hand Software to work for them.


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