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by Molly Clubb | Jul 21, 2014
The Longhorn Industry is booming on Facebook. Breeders are connecting, Longhorns are being sold, friendships are being preserved and news is being shared. If you're a breeder who utilizes Facebook for any of these reasons and enjoys seeing posts from other ranches and related business, such as our own, please read this Blog post and follow the steps below.

But did you know that if you have a Ranch Page, fans are no longer seeing approx. 80% of your posts? Or, are you happy knowing that you're only seeing 20% of the posts from pages you liked and want to see news from?

If you track your Facebook reach on your business page posts, you have probably noticed this dramatic decrease in the number of people it's reaching in the past few months. Just as any internet based company or service, Facebook is constantly changing. It's new (complicated) algorithm has made it harder than ever for Ranch Pages and Business Pages, such as our own, to get our messages to the people who need to see them.

Facebook wants us to pay for our posts to be seen. Many times, this does not make fiscal sense as the content you're sharing is informational and not directly making you a profit. So, here are a few easy (and FREE!) steps for making sure that your connection to your fellow breeders pages and our own stays prevalent on Facebook, the social media giant.

Step 1: On your desktop computer at the top left of your Facebook feed, under your profile photo, hit the arrow beside "news feed" and set it to "most recent." This will insure that you're seeing more of the great posts we're working hard to deliver along with fellow breeders who you chose to follow. You may also notice that with this setting, you're seeing even more of your friends posts.

On your mobile device go to: More (bottom right icon with 3 lines) > (scroll down) Feeds > and choose "Most Recent"; This will ensure that you're seeing your friends and pages posts in chronological order vs. what Facebook dictates to be the most important stories of the day.

Please know that Facebook will randomly switch you back to "Top Stories" so you may need to check often to ensure you're viewing in "Most Recent" mode. After doing that, and when seeing Longhorn page posts that you enjoy, be sure to like or share them to continue seeing posts from that page.

Step 2: One "loop hole" in Facebook's newest changes are that you will see posts from those business pages that you interact with frequently, meaning pages that you often like posts on, share posts from, comment on, etc. Engage with us. When you see a Hired Hand post that you like or find interesting, “like” and “share” it! Post your photos on our wall. Comment. Enter our contests. These tactics are sure-fire ways to let Facebook know that you’re interested in our content and would like to see more of it, insuring it will appear more frequently in your news feed, regardless of your settings.

Hired Hand
is proud to offer social media marketing assistance and services. Please don't hesitate to contact us for help today. And thank you to all of our loyal fans and customers who interact with us and value our social media posts.

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