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by Molly Clubb | Jun 13, 2014
Are you aware of all of the free resources that Hired Hand offers to the industries that we serve to encourage knowledge of animals but also promote our customers? 

Below are a description of the reports featured on our Updates pages.  It's a great way to see what information has been updated by Hired Hand customers on their individual websites and great promotion for you, our customers, who update your websites. These reports feature updated measurements, new animals and photos, and more.

Updated Photos:
We promote and advertise links to any customers animals (Texas Longhorns, Whitetail Deer and Quarter Horses) who have new photos associated with them. Some breeders choose to showcase only one animal photo while others show the complete photo history of an animals growth and development.

Updated Measurements:
We report measurement updates, that are also made public by our customers, within the Hired Hand Animal Management System. The links listed go directly to animals (Texas Longhorns, Whitetail Deer and Quarter Horses) whose owners have entered new measurement data to be displayed on their Hired Hand powered website.

24 Hour Activity Report:
This report is simple. It's a listing of sites that have been updated in the past 24 hours. At Hired Hand Software, all updates are completed by customers on their own, through our easy to use Content and Animal Management Systems. If you're not a Hired Hand customer we encourage you to contact us for a demo of just how easy it is to use our systems.

Reference Animals:
This report features any animals (Texas Longhorns, Whitetail Deer and Quarter Horses) who have been entered into the pedigrees on Hired Hand websites using the Animal Management System. Reference animals fill out Hired Hand pedigrees and are helpful to all customers in their internet promotion.

Active Animals:
An updated listing of Active Animals is reported. Active animals can include Texas Longhorns, Whitetail Deer and Quarter Horses and are those animals that customers are actively promoting on their Hired Hand websites by showcasing measurements, offspring, comments, awards and more. Active Animals help to determine the total number of a customers animals marketed through our various package levels.

You can also engage our newest free tool through our Updates tab - Hired Hand Search. If you haven't yet checked it out, we encourage you to do so! 

You can also view all of these reports by liking the Hired Hand page on Facebook.

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