Hired Hand Search Replaces Hired Hand Sale Pen - Important Steps for Customers

by Molly Clubb | May 30, 2014
With the launch of Hired Hand Search we have retired the old Hired Hand Sale Pen. Now, any Hired Hand website customer on the Buckaroo or Wrangler Package can show an unlimited number of animals For Sale through Hired Hand Search.

The process to ensure your animals for sale is simple. Just follow the two easy steps below (found in the Animal Management section of the Admin Portion of Hired Hand). We also recommend including a sale price and as much updated information (photo, measurement, breeding, etc.) as possible in order to make the decision to buy as easy as possibly on the customer.

hired hand search image

hired hand search image 2

Those Hired Hand customers with questions or in need of assistance are asked to please contact Jaymie.

Thank you for utilizing Hired Hand Search, just another perk of being a Hired Hand Software customer.

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