Breeder Profile: SC Longhorns

by Molly Clubb | Jan 24, 2014

When a new customer joins the Hired Hand Website herd we like to share information with you all, to better get to know them and their breeding program goals, while their site is being built. This breeder profile highlights the SC Longhorns and its owners Clay Gines and Sierra Harmening. Please join us in welcoming them to our growing herd and stay tuned for their new Hired Hand powered website!

Location: Spring Creek Nevada

Been raising Longhorns for: 2 years

# of head: 20 +/-

Why did you start raising Registered Texas Longhorns? Clay was always interested in cattle, ever since he was a child helping his Grandfather on his ranch. In High School he specifically became interested in the Longhorn breed because of their ability to adapt and overcome harsher climates.

What made you decide to choose Hired Hand for your first website? The ease for visitors to search our pedigrees.

What Hired Hand website do you currently visit the most frequently and why? because of the great variety in their pedigrees.

What's your favorite Longhorn color pattern? Clay loves the blues and roans, speckled and spotted. Sierra loves gulla colors and fancy patterns.

What's your favorite horn shape/type? Twisty.

What Longhorn breeder do you look up to the most and why? Ron & Jo Jones, because we feel their breeding has had one of the biggest impacts on the Longhorn breed. They are a smaller, family-oriented breeder who are always willing to help out and give great advice.

All time favorite sire: Gunman

All time favorite Dam: Hatch's Candy Cane

If you're interested in starting your own Hired Hand powered website for your Texas Longhorns, Whitetail Deer and Quarter Horses please contact Molly today at 319-269-8903 or


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