Bahia Game Ranch Has a New Hired Hand Powered Website

by Molly Clubb | Jan 13, 2014

The new Hired Hand powered website for Bahia Game Ranch, Brenham, Texas is now live and ready for traffic:

Bahia Game Ranch specializes in trophy whitetail and exotic hunts. With the superior genetics of the whitetail on the ranch, Bahia continues to strive to improve the genetics of the ranch, as well as other ranches, through their discerning breeding program. 

Hired Hand was an easy choice for Mr. Norm Teegardin. He seized the value of Hired Hand's powerful pedigree and progeny system for Whitetail Deer almost immediately upon seeing it.  

Bahia was started for the enjoyment of trophy hunters, and is ideal for bow or cross bow hunting. Bahia has established a breeding and management program for Whitetails as well as Black Buck, Axis, Fallow, Mouflon, and Grant Gazelle. Because the animals receive the highest level of nutrition and health care, Bahia is able to produce some of the finest trophies in Texas for breeding and hunting purposes.

We thanks the team at Bahia Game Ranch for choosing Hired Hand Website Software and look forward to their on-line success.

If you're interested in starting your own Hired Hand powered website for Texas Longhorns, Whitetail Deer and Quarter Horses please contact Molly today at 319-269-8903 or

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