Buffalo Gap now has a Hired Hand Powered Website

by Molly Clubb | Nov 18, 2013

We're proud to announce that the Hired Hand powered website for Buffalo Gap Longhorns is now live and ready for viewing just a short month after they signed up for our services at the 2013 TLBAA Horn Showcase & Sale.

John & Lauren Clark are new breeders (October 2012) and are working hard to build a top-notch program. "We are focused on building a foundation herd using some of the best genetics in the industry through both AI and Embryo Transfer.  Our program is utilizing semen from  industry leaders: CV Cowboy Casanova, BL Cowboy Tuff Chex, and Spur Texa, a bull we own an interest in.  The breeding plan is focused on horn, color, disposition, and consistency.  As we build our foundation herd from these proven producers we will be retaining the heifers for further improvement in our long range plan," says John.

"Our breeding cows are generally young, gentle, and still growing horn every day.  Take the time to study the pedigrees and you will find many proven producers with horns over 70" and 80" TTT.  Included are such animals as: JP Rio Grande, Cowboy Tuff Chex, Hunt's Command Respect, Cowboy Casanova, Tempter, Top Caliber, Fantom Chex, Maxamillion, Coach, Phenomenon, Emperor, Tuff Tradition, Impact's Rear Admiral, Overwhelmer, VJ Tommie, Wyoming Warpaint, Boomerang CP, and Don Juan of Christine.  Some of the cows include Delta Vixen, Tari Graves, Tri Legends A-Do, Tx W Lucky Lady, and BL Poco Bueno. We are especially proud of our two year old heifer, Fantom's Twilight.  Twilight recently won the non-haltered event at the 2013 Horn Showcase while finishing second in the TTT measurements.  Twilight is a beautiful white and brown cow with both horn and confirmation.  We have big plans for the future with Twilight as she is AI'd and exposed to Spur Texa for a late spring 2014 calf.  In the following year, we will be flushing Twilight for our embryo transfer program.  Her offspring will become a large part of the future for our foundation herd. We also own Rio Maxine in partnership with Todd and Kelli McKnight (Cedar View Ranch).  We have ten embryo transfer cows confirmed for March 2014 calves out of CV Cowboy Casanova and BL Cowboy Tuff Chex.  Utilizing two of the best bulls in the industry with Rio Maxine (76" TTT) has us expecting some of the best calves possible.  These pairings will produce amazing horn and color," John says with a smile.

The Clark's encourage you to visit their new website and also their ranch.

If you're interested in starting your own Hired Hand powered website for Texas Longhorns, Whitetail Deer and Quarter Horses please contact Molly today at 319-269-8903 or

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