Hired Hand's Molly Clubb Recognized

by Jaymie Feldmann | Sep 30, 2013

Hired Hand's Molly Clubb Recognized as 20 Under 40 Industry Leader by the Texas Longhorn Journal

Congratulations to our own Molly Clubb for being one of the first 20 individuals to be selected for this annual award by the Texas Longhorn Journal. Molly was recognized in the August issue of the Journal as well as at the Longhorn Extravaganza Awards Banquet held Saturday, September 21, 2013 in Oklahoma City. We're proud of Molly and everything she does for the Industry and would also like to congratulate all of the other first time winners.

20 Under 40 Industry Leaders

Photo Courtesy of Bear Davidson, G&G Longhorns

Here is an excerpt from what appeared in the August 2013 Texas Longhorn Journal:

Making it big in this industry takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Sometimes it takes years to establish a quality breeding program that other breeders stand up and take notice of. Besides moving the breed forward in a positive light, dedicated breeders think of ways to help not just their own program but the entire industry. Old-timers within the industry have established regulations, developed associations, and reached unprecedented heights through new ways of breeding. So to think that the Longhorn industry doesn’t welcome young people wouldn’t be difficult, but it would be inaccurate. Several young people are making a name for themselves and everyone is taking notice.

This month, the Texas Longhorn Journal announces who made the list for 20 Under 40. After reviewing the essays and names of individuals nominated, a well-deserving group of young people have been selected. These individuals, all under the age of 40, are influencing the industry today and as importantly shaping the future. The individuals chosen: have an involvement across the industry; have an effective voice of ideas and practice that have/or will impact the industry; are the best and brightest that have a real influence not just in the industry but set a true moral example; are influential in their support for good causes whether through charitable giving, time spent influencing others, etc; have a love for the breed that is evident in their program and all they do.

These individuals are leaders because of their love for the breed. They all work hard at achieving success at a young age. Each one strives to help the industry move forward in a positive direction, and they all have different ways of achieving that success. Abraham Lincoln said, “The way for a young man to rise is to improve himself in every way he can, never suspecting that anybody wishes to hinder him.” Each person selected for the 20 Under 40 is rising above all adversities in life to become true leaders.

Molly Clubb: She’s the girl behind the computer making a difference in marketing Texas Longhorns. She currently works with over 150 Longhorn ranches on their websites, and the number is growing each day.

It was 1983 when her father and grandfather got the entire family into breeding Longhorns, but Molly was hooked when she bought her first one from her dad for $1. “He was looking for beef cattle but also a hobby for all of us to enjoy together with my parents and grandparents,” Molly says. Her favorite bull was named Reliabull. She showed him from the time he was a calf. “He didn’t like anyone but me so we had a special relationship that way. During one of the World Shows, a bull got loose from another exhibitor and came at me. Reliabull pushed me out of the way to keep me from harm.”

After college, and some freelance work as a graphic designer, Molly decided to take her client base and open her own advertising agency called Mo Co. Creative Services. Since she knew that Longhorn people are the best kind of people, she was able to take her area of expertise and combine the two industries. “Through our product, Hired Hand Software, I take the internet, combine it with a marketing strategy and give breeders the power to use both to further their reach and marketing efforts – it’s unique to the breed and makes us a leader in that area of the internet and technology.”

Roger Hutton became one of Molly’s first Longhorn customers right out of college. “He and I did a lot of growing together within the industry, and Roger has always counseled me on making smart business decisions as well as being a good woman for my family and community. Roger has given me some of the best advice and, although he may not know it, has motivated me on more than one ocassion to push further, try harder and realize I’m not the only entreprenuer who thinks they’re close to the edge some days. I’ll be forever grateful to Roger for everything he’s done for me.” Bill Davidson has always been supportive of Molly’s efforts within the industry as well, proving to be a positive influence of her decisions. “Jaymie Feldmann has become a wonderful business partner through Hired Hand that I’m very thankful for. She helps keep my crazy creative ideas in check while pushing me to rethink them in away that they’ll be successful and beneficial to the breed.”

“I’d like to see the industry continue to embrace the opportunities that technology and technological advancements can offer in terms of changing how we do traditional activities and events.”

Besides being the force behind Mo Co. Creative Services, she has been involved in the industry on other levels too as she attends sales and events throughout the country. “I also try to give back to the industry through  ollaborating with other innovative thinkers.” Whether donating her time or services for the Longhorns & Lace Sale, Texas Longhorn Heritage Foundation or Texas Longhorn Breeders of Tomorrow, she has remained faithful of helping breeders whenever she can.

While being an active leader in the industry, she still has found time to be a mom to three beautiful children, Calia, Brody and Cooper. She has coached her daughter’s AAU volleyball team. She has also served on several non-profit boards and has volunteered time with numerous organizations.

Her honesty, integrity, passion for the breed and willingness to help others has led to her success in the Longhorn industry. Her significant contribution to the advancement of the use of the internet within the breed has had an overall positive affect on the way that Longhorns are marketed and advertised. “I hope that by leading by example that others will be encouraged to do the same and work together to make this industry as a whole stronger for the future.

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