Rockin AF Ranch has a New Website!

by Molly Clubb | Sep 27, 2013

The Hired Hand powered website for Rockin AF Ranch is now live and ready for you to visit. Special thanks to Chase and the Vasut family for being so wonderful to work with!

Rockin AF Ranch was founded in 1965 by Anthony Christopher Furlow. They have ranged in various breeds along the way but the Rockin AF Ranch is now focused on Texas Longhorns and Red Angus.  They are located in Elgin, Texas (30 min E of Austin), and are a family owned and operated ranch.  In addition to the sale of Texas Longhorns and show quality Red Angus, they offer semen sales, hay sales, and artificial insemination and embryo transfer by two certified technicians.

"Texas means Longhorn cattle and our desire has always been to raise Longhorns. Our opportunity came in the spring of 2012 when we were given two registered heifers by an owner who simply didn’t have the land to support all of his cattle. These two calves were calm, blended in with our Angus herd, and became the hit of our pastures. We named them Dolly and Reba and it was them, more than anything, that dispelled concerns we had about the Longhorn breed and moved us into raising Texas Longhorns. As most Longhorn breeders will attest, it wasn’t long until the infamous “bug” set in and we were on the hunt for more. We spent hours studying pedigrees and looking at pictures. We quickly found that the Longhorn community was full of great people. Through the generosity, sharing, friendship and overwhelming knowledge of other breeders, we were able to get out foot in the door and haven’t looked back. Our commitment is to genetics and production capabilities but our love is for the Longhorn breed. These animals have provided our family with a common cause and have created friendships that will last a lifetime.  We have made it our goal to share our love of the Texas Longhorn with others whether they are first time buyers or experienced breeders," says Chase Vasut.

Rockin AF Ranch focuses their program on strong genetics and pride themselves on the gentle disposition of all of their animals. They encourage you to look around on the site and if you find something or just have a question, please pick up the phone and give them a call!



Rockin AF Ranch

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