The New & Improved Website for Bentwood Ranch is Now Live.

by Molly Clubb | Aug 24, 2013

Hired Hand is proud to announce that the new and improved website for Bentwood Ranch is now live and ready for viewing. Richard & Jeanne Filip, owners, have been visiting with Hired Hand's Molly & Jaymie at various Longhorn sales and events for the past few years about changing over their website to be powered by Hired Hand. They're a great example of a ranch who previously relied on someone else to update their website for them and now are loving the ability to make updates on their own and are also using the system to track thier important herd information. They admit, "You just can't beat the power that Hired Hand offers to its customs through its ease of use, interactive pedigrees and knowledge of the breed."

Thank you to Richard and Jeanne for having faith in what Hired Hand could do to improve their site and for being so wonderful to work with.

When asked about how he and Jeanne got started with Longhorns, Richard says, "Jeanne and I began our Longhorn journey in 2000 when she gave me a Longhorn steer for my birthday to celebrate my years at The University of Texas.  At the time, we were raising Charolais.  It wasn't long before our eyes always turned to the color and unique personality of Stormy, our Longhorn steer, and the Charolais soon became bland and uninteresting.  Within two weeks, we dispersed our Charolais herd and began our fascinating and rewarding experience raising Registered Texas Longhorn cattle."

Richard also says "It has been exciting and rewarding finding just the right cross to produce that one of a kind cow or herd sire, and our quest for "horn" will never end.  It has also been incredibly rewarding making new friends who share our passion for the breed and protecting its integrity.  Every Longhorn breeder we've met is eager to share his or her expertise in creating the ideal herd, and helping newcomers achieve their personal breeding program and goals.  This camaraderie and love of the breed is truly unique to Longhorn breeders."

For more information on how you can convert your existing site over to
Hired Hand Software or for help getting started with your first website please contact Molly or Jaymie today. You can also visit to learn more.

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