MoJo40 Longhorns is now live!

by Molly Clubb | Jul 05, 2013

How does a Jersey Boy and New York Girl end up in the Longhorn business? Find out by visiting Hired Hand's newest website -!

Joe Raimo, owner, says "it's really not that hard to believe if you investigate our background.  I am a diehard animal lover, who has worked with various wildlife as well as farm animals! I have been involved in showing, breeding and the rescue of English Bulldogs for eighteen years.  Angela was raised around farm animals and dogs her entire life.  We both share a passion for country life and all the animals that come with it." Joe's background is his families scrap metal business and Angela is a graduate of The Culinary Institute of New York and has worked in the restaurant industry since she was a child.

Joe goes on to recollect "it all started when I met a guy who had some unregistered Texas Longhorns for sale! Upon visiting the gentlemans herd, we both fell in love with Longhorns and purchased three on the spot.  The next year was spent learning as much about them as possible.  We enjoyed them so much that we made a decision to get into the Longhorn business.  Most of the last year and a half has been spent gathering our foundation stock.  Thanks to some wonderful friends and mentors, we are now ready to take our program to the next level.  We also decided to lease a nearby 25 additional acres.  We have also been working on putting together the needed equipment for the business." 

"We are overjoyed to be participating in the 2013 Longhorn Extravaganza with our entry in the horn measurement competition! Specific breedings and embryo transfers are planned for our program this year.  With constant study and hard work, we hope to be enjoying the fruits of our program for many years.  Our plan is breeding for the constant improvement of Texas Longhorns and continuing to do business the old fashioned way...HONESTLY!!!"

Learn more about MoJo40 Longhorns and the Raimo's growing herd by visiting their new Hired Hand website.

For more information on Hired Hand Software please contact Molly or Jaymie or visit today. Hired Hand will also have a booth at the 2013 Longhorn Extravaganza hosted by the Texas Longhorn Marketing Alliance and International Texas Longhorn Association that Joe mentions above. This event will be held September 19-20 at the Cox Convention Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


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