Legend Valley Ranch Has Switched to Hired Hand Software!

by Molly Clubb | Jun 13, 2013

The new website for Legend Valley Ranch is now live. Previously, David and Linda Mills, owners, had a site that they had built and updated on their own. David found it cumbersome to update and try to keep competative in the Industry widely using Hired Hand pedigrees. Upon making the switch he says he couldn't be happier.

This is David Mills with his beautiful wife Linda. They've been together for 15 years and they say that life just keeps getting better and better. As for the Longhorns, what started as a simple promise to their youngest daughter to get her a single Longhorn if ever they had a ranch...well, that's turned into a healthy family obsession that's broadened their interests, allowed them to meet some great people, and has ultimately brought them all closer together in this great new adventure.

If you're wondering about the name "Legend Valley Ranch," David says this: "There's just something about our valley that kept me coming back to the term "legend". Beyond the dream of that legendary longhorn, there's the magical calming power of the valley, the whispering winds, the smile on my daughter's face when she caught her first grasshopper, the dreams, the hopes, the memories that all start here. I grew up with amazing grandparent's and their Ole' Tic Toc Ranch in South Texas and can only hope my daughters develop such great memories that seemingly transcend the bounds of reality."

The Mills' welcome visitors to their Hired Hand website with this: "We're excited to be a part of this great Industry and are working hard to make a positive impact...We breed for horn, color, size, and all the other key things you'll hear about...but the proof is in the animals we buy and breed."

And, indeed, David and Linda do have proof of their goals in the animals they've purchased at such sales as The Legacy Sale, Longhorns & Lace Sale, Red River Sale, Longhorn World Championship Sale, Millennium Futurity Sale and more. Some of their best known Longhorns include: Sittin Monika (purchased from G&G Texas Longhorns) who predicts 88.13" TTT, Queen Bandita BCB, originally purchased from Brent and Cindy Bolen at the 2013 Millennium Futurity, who predicts 85.92" TTT, LVR Lucky Amber who predicts 81.17" TTT and LVR Rodeo Whirl Sophie who predicts 81.73" TTT. Their prize Herd Sire is LVR Lucky Malachi, shown on the homepage design below.

We welcome the Mills' to our Hired Hand herd and encourage you to take the time to visit their new website.

For more information on switching your website over to Hired Hand Software please contact Molly today at 319-269-8903.

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